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Our product description services are designed to provide your e-commerce site with content that functions like virtual sales-person.
Apart from walking your site visitors through the stages of an online purchase, our optimized product descriptions will help you rank on search engines.
Originality and uniqueness the key elements of our high-quality product descriptions. 

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Product descriptions can help you

Product descriptions:
more important than you think


Product description is content marketing in its essence: helping a user make a decision and creating a conversion.

It’s sometimes thought that it isn’t necessary – simply a title and a picture will be enough. Not true.

Just like with every piece of content, a good description that is useful and relevant to the user will help gain their trust and likely influence their buying decision.

After all, an effective product description writing service will establish a conversation with potential consumers and effectively show them what’s so great about that particular product.

Users: passionate about benefits


The key to good product description writing can be defined by two words: benefit and emotion.

It needs to provide essential information and benefits to the reader, not simply describe it. And, as with other content pieces, it has to strike a chord with the audience, creating a deeper connection.

If your product description answers the user’s potential queries, tells them why it’s good for them and is passionate about the product itself, then you’re already halfway there.

The other half? SEO!


Yes, SEO – because being useful and engaging isn’t enough, it needs to be optimized as well.

When it’s clear who the product’s target audience is and what its benefits are, it’s time to dig into which keywords consumers are using to look for it.

Product description writing offers a unique chance to gain traffic, because it’s very likely that a lot of people are already looking for that product.

It just takes identifying the correct keywords that are being used, and working out how to fit them into your product page.

Copywriting for products ... and people


Product description should always be exciting, engaging, problem-solving… but it also needs to be to-the-point.

Many readers probably won’t want to go through your entire copy looking for the information that they really need. Instead, try to be lean and concise in all the points you’re making.

Optimize as much as you can – use your titles and headers for the main keywords. And, of course, always focus on the benefits to the user. That’s why they arrived at your page in the first place.

The essentials of product description writing

A great product description writing service will balance many factors: solving the consumer’s query, providing relevant product information, speaking to the audience’s emotions and being visible to search engines.

  • Research your users
  • Highlight the benefits
  • Strike a chord
  • Be useful and concise
  • Use keywords and optimization
  • Write for humans

How to write great product descriptions

1. Start with the audience

Before working on your product description copywriting, it’s crucial to know who your target users are and how you can help them. Research into your audience is needed to build a clearer picture.

3. What's in it for me?

Product description is about helping users. Focus on how the product will make their lives better in the long term.

5. Focus on SEO

Optimize the content of your product description with high-value keywords with keyword research and intention. This will increase the likelihood of your page being crawled and indexed by search engines – and found by your future consumers.

2. Go for the emotion

Your product description shouldn’t just be passionate and exciting, it should also appeal to the audience’s emotions. This will help establish a strong connection with them.

4 - Always be on point

Try to be brief with your product description writing – many readers won’t go through a big piece of copy, so focus on what’s really useful.

6. Tell a great product story

Use all available resources – information, benefits, images – to inform people about your product, making it as unique and valuable to your audience as possible.

Product Description by Key Content

Our background in digital content projects allows us to deliver product description writing services focused
on creating high value and visibility for your product pages.

Audience research and analysis
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We conduct research to gain insights about who your target audience is and where your potential customers are.
Your product's qualities
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Our description will be compelling to your users by highlighting the benefits that they expect from your product.
Connecting with your users
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We use engaging and emotional content in our product description writing to appeal strongly to your audience.
Usefulness as a priority
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Our product descriptions will always be optimized to highlight the critical information, leaving out what shouldn't be there.
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We always focus on the best practices of SEO to guarantee visibility and authority on the web.
Monitoring and improving
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We track and monitor the performance of your product pages to identify any issues and implement adjustments when necessary.