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Our content translation services

Why is content translation so important?

What translation actually means

Translation is one of the most important activities when it comes to content services. A pillar of human communication and culture, translation is so crucial because it allows any message to reach new audiences, taking it from a source to a target language.

While there may be many translation tools available, translation is a complex process with many aspects to be considered: syntax, grammar, cultural meanings and much more. For that reason, it has gone through many changes over the years, with new features like automation trying to make it simpler.

The bottom line, however, is this: content translation should be handled by experienced professionals. Though machine translations can be made, the human aspect will always be critical because a high degree of adaptability is needed to create an effective message. And, in an evermore connected world, the need for translation services will only increase over the coming years.

Making your content global

To put it simply, translation equals traffic. And traffic leads to other important interactions, including (but not limited to) sales. Let’s consider the digital world: how many opportunities are missed because a particular piece of content isn’t in the right language for its audience?

This happens at an alarming rate, but many businesses don’t realize it. As internet usage increases, the number of users searching for content in their native language is also rising dramatically. 

If you have a website that isn’t considering all the potential languages spoken by its audience, you’re going to miss a lot of positive interactions, leads, sales and more. By taking this into account, a website is able to increase its visibility to a number of users and take advantage of the many opportunities that come from this. In short: by offering your content in different languages, you’ll be adding value to it.

Different cultures, same message

Users come from many different backgrounds: varying countries, societies, cultures and, most importantly, languages. With this in mind, why should any project be conceived from a “one-size-fits-all” perspective?

Sure, English is going to be the go-to language in many cases, and rightfully so – in a global world, the number of English speakers is ever-increasing as well. But that’s not enough. Did you know that English-speaking countries aren’t even at the top of the list of total internet users? The United States is currently in third position, after China and India. And, after that, we have countries like Indonesia and Brazil.

With this in mind, every project needs to consider what it could be missing in terms of traffic by not optimizing and translating to some of these languages. By choosing just one additional language for your website, your content could see a big spike in traffic over a short period of time.

Content translation and visibility

From our experience with many different online content projects, we’ve improved our processes to make sure we consider optimization every step of the way. Data and traffic analysis can make a lot of difference in determining audience and demographics. 

Which countries are audiences accessing your page from, and through which channels? Are they satisfied with the content they’re seeing, or are they bouncing immediately? Using the tools available, we will analyze where your traffic is coming from in order to correctly assess your translation needs. 

For example: maybe you don’t need to translate your entire website. Only some strategic pages that appeal to a wider audience – such as one particular blog post – will do the trick. Through our translation service, we will make sure that your message is optimized and gets found by its readers, regardless of the language and medium.

Translations, management and quality assurance

When you order a translation from Key Content, your process begins at the analysis stage. We will assess the timeline, scope, industry, and the different channels involved. Your order will be assigned to a Project Manager, and we’ll look for a translator who has the right background for the task, not just a native speaker of the language at hand.

We want to make sure your content will be assigned to a highly trained translation professional who has a matching profile. Once we have the best person assigned to your project, and your documents are uploaded to our platform, the production stage begins. Here we will work on your translation and its quality assurance with our editors. 

Within our agreed timeline, your project will be delivered for your review and feedback. This information will be considered for adjustments, adaptations and future improvements – either on the same project or future ones.

A wide range of content translation services

Translation projects can come in different shapes, sizes and scopes. As with many other content-related activities, this is an ever-changing industry, and its players need to keep up with the changes. 

Whether it’s for e-commerce, a learning project, a technical translation or a legal document, we work with professionals who are up to date with their native market’s current conditions. In documents, websites, multimedia projects, patents, contracts and softwares, attention to detail is key in each different assignment. 

Key Content’s translation services work across more than 40 languages, offering high-quality and time-sensitive content translation to many different companies and activities. Apart from our network of highly trained translators, we have a team of equally qualified native editors to review each translation project and further provide quality assurance in every piece of content.

What makes a good translation service?

The key aspects of a quality translation

If your content is valuable in any way, shape or form, it should be offered to every reader who is looking for it. But what are the key aspects of a good translation? 

While every project is different, there are common rules that guide them towards good results. The background of the translation professional. The correct definition of the audience to which it is targeted. The quality assurance/reviewing stage. And, on top of everything else, the correct estimation of a timeline. 

This creates an important balance between the customer’s demands and what a translation service can offer.

Translation vs. localization services

In order to really engage with readers from other countries, it’s not enough to have your website content simply translated. It also needs to be localized to the target language.

In this process, it will be culturally adapted to that language, giving it a much better chance of getting the audience’s attention. This is a crucial aspect of the reach of our translation services.

We will guarantee that the linguistic accuracy of your project. Your translation needs to be customized to the specifics of each language involved, but never forget the essence of your message along the way.

Translation solutions for language and culture

Given the nature of language itself, cultural significance is one of the main aspects of any content translation project. 

The content must be understood by the reader. It needs to have a good flow. The tone and style have to be well balanced, and all language aspects should feel natural. But it also needs to be culturally apt for that language, without being flat or offensive in any way. 

Apart from working with native-speaking and experienced translation professionals, we offer important directives and instructions in every project to make sure that the content translation fills every necessary requirement.

Human vs. automated translation

Many new technologies have become commonplace in translation processes. Website plugins, translation apps and automated translation software are all available to users today, and in many cases for free. But how good are they in the long run? 

We believe that the process of providing appropriate translations is human in its essence. We want to connect every project to a highly qualified professional who will take all its cultural aspects and nuances intoconsideration. 

Due to the fact that we work with a network of experts across the globe, we’re able to offer this kind of service efficiently and timely.

What is the future of translation services?

We believe that content translation will remain a critical aspect of any major content strategy as long as there are different countries, societies and cultures.

After all, reaching new audiences for each project is at the heart of what we do. Optimizing your website or content to other languages can make a big difference in reaching business goals in the long run.

With our experience in SEO and content marketing, we have improved our translation services to achieve a positive and cost-efficient workflow between all elements involved, delivering significant results.

Working with Key Content is a breeze and saves you lots of time.
The service is excellent, the quality is great and the pricing is unbeatable!
R. López | Communications Manager