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What’s the big deal with all these rewriting services?


Rewriting services make up a huge part of online content marketing, which is key to successful SEO. Rewriting services increase website traffic and customer conversion. So, the short answer is you need content rewriting services to win the SEO game. 

To play for real, you should constantly publish masses of fresh, unique content on your website. To write all this content in-house you may as well close shop and become a content writing company yourself. Rewriting services will reduce the financial and human resource cost of your SEO, giving you more time to focus on what’s important – your core business.

Why call it rewriting – isn’t it just paraphrasing?


Using paraphrasing for content rewriting is a bit like sending a Triple A team to the World Series. Problem is, there is only so much information on a subject and chances are dozens of websites have already said what you want to say. 

That’s where content rewriting services, also known as content repositioning, come in. We take existing content and make it fresh and original again, not merely paraphrasing the writing. In fact, paraphrasing is the enemy of good content rewriting. The text comes out sounding clumsier than the original piece, which had already been fine-tuned in the first place. Excuse the term, but paraphrasing is a mug’s game.

What about plagiarism?


Put it this way… for centuries we’ve taken information rewriting completely for granted. Think of all the encyclopedias published with the same information, each one a completely new rewrite. Or how many different newspapers rewrite the same facts into totally different stories every day. Plagiarism doesn’t even spring to mind, does it? Online content rewriting is no different. Plus, Google will actively punish plagiarism, so it’s never part of the equation for professional rewriting services.

In a nutshell, rewriting services offer the smart, professional option for making sure your content is new, appealing, and engaging, all the while helping you rank higher on Google. It’s a win-win for you and for your readers – and that’s the magic formula for website conversion.