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Everyone is clamoring over digital marketing and social media, so let’s get to the heart of it. There are essentially two ways to go about digital marketing. You can pay each time you do something to market your website, with ads, social media campaigns, pop-ups, and other third-party platforms like AdWords. And absorb the inevitable cost increases that come with paid online marketing. Or, you can choose a method that’ll cost you less the longer you use it – and get more powerful over time. This “magic” formula is actually quite simple: search engine optimization. It’s cost-effective, comprehensive, and can turn into a near irresistible force that your digital marketing competitors will struggle to overcome.

What should I look for in an effective SEO consultant?

Search engine optimization is no longer just about finding the right keywords and weaving them into your content. Of course, this is still essential, but at the same time local SEO has become more important, so has content marketing. Local SEO helps to attract clientele in your immediate vicinity, who are most likely to purchase from you. Content marketing establishes your website as an authority in your field in Google’s eyes. The search engine rewards you by promoting your site up the rankings. Done right, you can climb to the top. It’s a matter of skill, persistence, and keeping your finger on the pulse. Sound like a tall order, nonetheless? That’s why an SEO consultant is so valuable.

What makes Key Content such a good SEO agency in Birmingham?

We bring more than 12 years of hard-core SEO strategy and site optimization experience. And we’ve earned it at some of the hottest online coalfaces, working with high-profile companies in extremely competitive industries, like eBay, SIXT, and Reebok.

Our writers and SEO strategy experts are very familiar with the locales they work in – another thing that makes us an authentic, effective SEO agency in Birmingham.

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