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Why is SEO copywriting important?

First: what does SEO
content mean?

SEO content is optimized and improved for search engines, without forgetting about the readers who will engage with it. An SEO copywriter is able to create and adapt content with this balance in mind.

Using features like metadata, headers, internal links and more, SEO content can be compelling, but also optimized. Along with being interesting to the reader, a successful SEO content is going to need keyword optimization as a fundamental requirement. After all, before the users, search engines and crawlers need to be able to find it in the first place.

This is a basic need for your content to be alive, and SEO copywriting services are designed to fill this gap. This is achieved with lots of keyword research, data and
competition insights.

Humans or search engines?

Online content is about balance. Balance between technical and human aspects, between algorithms and emotions. It might be the best content out there, but if no one finds it and interacts with it, it’s not going to be very useful.

This balance is exactly what SEO copywriting can do for any content marketing strategy: not only to create great content, but also to optimize it for search engine crawlers to pick it up and offer it to searchers.

This is a basic need for your content to be alive, and SEO copywriting services are designed to fill this gap. This is achieved with lots of keyword research, data and
competition insights.

The benefits of
an SEO copywriter

An SEO copywriter will iterate your content with all the tools available so that it meet what it takes to get found. We all want our online content to rank first, or at least in the first three positions. But it’s not that easy: in order to accomplish this, this content needs to be unique and to have authority.

What does it mean to be unique? To be attractive to the end user (be it a customer or not) and to answer this user’s query in a way that no other website is doing it. When it comes to authority, it is a consequence of the content’s quality: it will be given to your website by others in the form of links, visits, time spent on your site, etc. For all these reasons, an SEO copywriting service is not rocket science, but it’s not that simple either.

Let's talk a bit more about

How do search engines evaluate authority? It’s about quality and referrals, especially after some major algorithm updates in recent years.

By creating consistent, interesting and optimized content for your website, you will appeal to potential users by solving their problem. You are offering a solution to their query. You will start getting noticed, and getting referrals, which are similar to votes.

The more “quality” votes you get, the better you will rank. Your online content might be interesting and optimized with the best keywords. But if it doesn’t have visibility and it’s not referred to by other websites and platforms, it’s not going to work. In that sense, your content needs to build links, and not any links. Links from quality websites, because quality is more important than quantity.

Do you need an SEO content strategy?

The answer is yes. Whether you’re running an e-commerce, a news website or a blog about a particular topic, you need a well-developed SEO and keyword strategy to make your content visible. Here are the needs that an SEO copywriting service
will cover:

  • Interesting, relevant, useful content
  • Well optimized and balanced keywords
  • Content that stands out for a long time / “evergreen”
  • Content researched against competition
  • Authoritative content with referrals from other websites
  • Shareable content with positive social media signals

The SEO content marketing steps

1. How does content work?

In order to communicate anything to anyone, content is needed. It’s how your voice is heard online (and offline too, for that matter). In short, content is anything we use to talk to our audience, in any way, shape or form.

3. How do content and marketing work together?

Creating great content will allow your brand to be talked about, your product to appear to its potential consumers, your articles to be shared…basically, your message to be broadcast. And here’s where SEO becomes so vital for the entire process.

5. SEO content marketing and your audience

SEO content promotes your message effectively because it directs your content to users who were already looking for it. This is done through research, assessments, insights, and specialized tools. Without SEO to promote it, content would be severely limited. And without content, SEO would not have its main purpose. It’s a winning combination, and it will always
be so.

2. How do we define marketing?

Now we step into a different territory: the world “marketing” comes in and we add purpose to our content. We make it unique to fit a particular goal. It might be to increase traffic, or to drive leads, or to boost sales. Never mind the goal itself; it’s about the message, and how that message connects to your objectives.

4 - What can SEO content marketing do for me?

SEO will allow your content to be found. If we consider your online content as a bridge between you and your customers, then the SEO copywriting service will be its main engineer. If you want to effectively promote your content, SEO copywriting is one of the best resources you’ve got.

6. When should I hire an SEO copywriter?

A good SEO copywriting service will allow search engines to crawl your content and get a good idea of what it is. At the same time, it will make your content interesting for your potential users. It will turn your business objectives into solutions for queries that users already have. In a summary: it will enable your content to be useful online.

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Why Key Content SEO Copywriting services?

Because we work with experienced, high-quality SEO copywriters that will give your content visibility and
authority. That’s what we strive to achieve with every SEO project.
Visible content
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Key Content works with SEO copywriting services and critical tools available to determine what keywords will make the biggest difference for your digital presence.
Useful content
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Our SEO writing will look for the best alternatives in making your message and goals aligned to highly-searched queries online.
Authoritative content
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We'll carry out research to identify the best relevant terms and keywords for your project. The goal is to be authoritative.
Evergreen content
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The longer your content lasts, the more of a reference it will be. We work to create SEO content that will be relevant today or tomorrow, with minimal updating required.
Unique content
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It's not enough to be interesting, it has to be unique. Our SEO copywriting services work with your users' engagement in mind.
Yes, content IS king...
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...and SEO content is its castle. This is at the heart of what we do: content that is engaging and visible at the same time.

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