SEO Services focused on Revenue

When potencial customers are searching the web do they find your business?
Grow your business with result oriented SEO agency with focus on revenue not rankings. 

Getting your content found

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical activity for any business that wishes to increase its online presence, expand its traffic and be found by visitors who will potentially become customers. For that reason, SEO services are an essential part of any winning content strategy. 

The reasoning is simple: by creating a successful SEO strategy and ranking well with the best keywords for your business, your content will be able to appear to anyone who is looking for it at that exact moment in time. And, most importantly, with your SEO marketing working well, your ROI will be much higher than with other channels. 

We deliver SEO services that are meant to be sustainable over the long run, with a careful assessment of what your main search results should be and how you can get there. Our SEO experts have gained significant experience on many different projects in order to correctly conduct an SEO analysis and understand your company’s needs in this arena. 

The scope of activities created to boost your digital presence may include SEO audits, on- and off-page optimization, link building, metadata analysis, traffic and rankings monitoring, effective reporting and more.

Why Key Content SEO?


SEO consultants integrated with you

In order to keep a close eye on all elements of your SEO strategy, nothing makes a bigger difference than having a full-time SEO consultant on board with your company or project. 

At Key Content, we offer highly skilled SEO professionals who work directly with your team every step of the way, so that you’ll always have a dedicated professional taking care of your organic digital presence. A great solution to avoid hiring a full-time SEO professional.


SEO and content: together we stand

Content is only great when it’s found, consumed and shared. Content and SEO walk hand in hand: the best content in the world won’t have much value if it can’t be found by the people looking for it. 

A solid content service needs SEO to sustain the very important need to be visible across the web, to search engines and users alike. With our scope of combined SEO services, this is exactly what we aim to do for you.


SEO that works for all your channels

Our SEO service is designed to be proactively integrated with your other content channels, because we understand that it can influence them positively as well. The more your content gets found, the more your brand will be visible and your presence enhanced. 

Social media content that gets engagement and connects with its users also sends positive signals to search engines, indicating that your site has authority and your content is relevant. It’s a virtuous circle of visibility and audience retention.

What can good SEO marketing do for you?

Crawling: how search engines will find your page

Search engines use crawlers to find pages about specific topics from across the internet, and use algorithms to determine whether each page is relevant or not. The first step in this process is to be visible to search engines, which will then determine whether the content in question is a good answer to a user’s query. 

In that sense, your website needs first and foremost to have a good technical SEO outline, so that it can easily be found by search engine crawlers. Our SEO audit services will determine points you can improve on in this regard and suggest what can be done to make the process simpler.

Indexing: making your content visible

After your content has been correctly crawled by search engines without any issues, it’s time to get indexed. Your website will be rendered and added to a search engine’s database, becoming available to appear as a search result for any query that matches your content. 

To put it simply, it means that your page not only needs to be discovered by search engines, but also needs to be saved to their indexes in order to appear to users when a query is placed. Our SEO analysis team will work with your business to define all the technical details of this important step.

Ranking: getting your content to the top

Having been found and indexed, your content is now ready to appear to users in search results pages. That’s a big step, after which it’s time for the most important part of your SEO journey: getting your content to the top of the rankings in any query that matches your SEO goals and business strategy. 

For that to happen, your page should be considered relevant, optimized and deemed to have authority. At this point, comprehensive keyword research is needed to determine the most important queries related to your goals. This is a core aspect of our content writing services, working directly alongside our SEO experts to create relevant content according to these very important specifications.

Links: a sign of your authority

Links to your website play a critical role in SEO. Not only do they allow your page to be discovered by search engine crawlers, but they’re also an important signal to search engines that your website has authority, giving it better ranking prospects. 

If your content is relevant, fresh and optimized, other websites should consider it good enough to link to. A referral from other relevant websites can do a lot for your rankings. Our SEO service will consider your link building strategy as one of the main points in developing your rankings, visibility and traffic.