Spanish Transcription & Subtitling Services

Spanish transcription that you can rely on for accuracy. 
Trust Key Content’s native Spanish speakers to transcribe your content.
Spanish to English subtitle translation and localisation (or vice versa).

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Transcription services can help you

Using our highly trained and professional transcription experts, you’ll gain peace of mind in knowing that your documented transcriptions are the most accurate and reliable records of your audio or video recordings possible. 

We double-check all content before delivery to provide an extra layer of vetting that ensures the Spanish is accurate.

You receive documented content that you can keep for posterity and rely on for purposes of compliance and governance, creating paper trails and meeting other regulatory or strategic requirements. 

All of this without having to dedicate any of your own internal resources to this arduous task – it’s far easier to outsource it to us, and more cost-effective too.

Key Content saves time and money. Our transcriptionists focus on quick capturing for fast turnaround times. They’re specialists in what they do, with natural aptitudes for both picking up spoken words and typing them out in near real time, eliminating time wastage and making it easily affordable for you to outsource your professional transcription requirements to us.

Contact us when you need consistently
high-quality and reliable Spanish transcription.

Key Content's Transcription Services

We work with highly experienced transcription professionals and the latest available technologies
to offer fast and reliable services aligned with your business goals.

Focus and dedication
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Every transcribing project will receive our full commitment and attention. We work hard to make our transcriptions as accurate as possible.
Attention to your timing
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Our transcriptionists will work with speed and precision, delivering results within your time constraints.
Researching the context
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Our transcription services involve researching the topic at hand so we can be familiarized with the subject, delivering better results.
Revision and editing
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Apart from transcriptionists, we work with experienced reviewers and editors. We want each transcription to be in the best possible shape.
Confidentiality as a priority
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The contents of your transcription will always be treated with the highest degree of security.
Technology taking the lead
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Our transcription processes are guided by the latest technological developments in software, but always aligned with human professionals to guarantee the best outcome.