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So, what exactly is technical copywriting?


Technical copywriting means creating professional content for complex, technology-oriented topics. Articles, user manuals, product descriptions, white papers – these are just some of the things on a technical copywriter’s plate. 

Technical content can also be a part of things like web pages, video content, social media posts and more.

Content writer vs. technical writer


The technical content writer is focused on specific – technical – pieces of content. Technical copywriting will turn complex information into content that’s easier to understand.

A regular content writer, on the other hand, has a more general approach and deals with content projects on all fronts, not only technical ones.

A technical writer stands out


A technical writer will often be an expert on the subject at hand. A technical copywriter is also used to handling very intricate information and translating it into attractive content.

As a result, these professionals become highly skilled in overall content writing.

Do I need a technical copywriter?


Yes! A technical content writer can be useful for a wide range of organizations, not just the scientific and technological ones.

Health, broadcasting, media, consumer products – any area where you need elaborate information turned into simple and engaging content.

What makes a great technical copywriter?

Great technical copywriting will find the right balance between complex, specialized information and content that’s pleasant to read – in as far as this is possible.

  • Do lots of research
  • Look into your audience
  • Define your scope
  • Follow up with documentation
  • Optimize as you go
  • Get feedback from others

How to create technical content

1. Research, research, research

Look into the topics you’re covering, your audience, the related technical documents. Remember, in technical copywriting, accuracy of information is crucial.

3. Have a content plan

What is the scope of your technical writing? Define all the outlets where your information should appear and plan accordingly.

2. Check, double check, and check again

Gather all the documents pertaining to your project. Verify your technical copywriting against the information that’s in there. Is everything OK? Good. And repeat!

4 - Rely on external input

Discuss your technical content project with other stakeholders in the business. It’s important to make sure that nothing is missing. Precision is key.

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Technical Copywriting by Key Content

We work with highly experienced, native-speaking technical content writers. Our technical writing projects are always
accurate, precise and engaging, regardless of the medium.

In-depth analysis
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We will work with research and analysis of all information relevant to your project – from documents to their potential users.
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Whether it's a product description, a manual or technical web page content, our technical writing services have got you covered.
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We will plan your technical content writing with search engine optimization in mind – because it still needs to have exposure and get found by users.