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It's your technology content that makes the difference online

Disruptive technologies like cloud computing, virtualisation, mobility and unified communications, and software-as-a-service have revolutionised how we do business. Let alone the Internet itself.

Digital transformation has impacted everything, with advanced blockchain, machine learning and swarm intelligence technologies completely changing our world. Entire new industries have arisen, creating new business models and opportunities for everyone from global ITC service providers to niche SMEs.

This is exciting! But it has crucially changed how your customers behave. Pre-Internet, customers would contact you directly for details of your products or services, perhaps after seeing an ad. You had the chance to give a personal sales pitch. That has all changed now.

Research shows that by the time digitally-enabled customers contact you, 60% – 80% of the sales engagement process is already complete. They’ve researched everything online. Thus for IT companies, your technology content is the single most powerful resource you have to convert customers into sales online. It’s the only voice you have to persuade your customers to contact you rather than your online competitors.

That’s where our technology copywriting can help. Key Content offers a rare combination: we understand tech, and we know how to write about it to bring return on investment.

Expert technology copywriting for

  • Digital Transformation
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Blockchain/Crypto/Fintech
  • Cloud Computing
  • Remote Working
  • EMobility and UC
  • Internet Connectivity

Why us?

Technology content written by your own
expert technology copywriter

Premium writers only

Our writers are all experienced professionals. We know that you would only employ the best yourself; why should you expect anything less from your technology copywriting?

Our editorial teams are world-class, and our advanced content management system with built-in quality control keeps everyone on their toes. Ensuring you get the same consistently excellent content all the time.

Depth of expertise

We understand that there’s no substitute for experience and depth of knowledge. We don’t follow a model of assigning generalist writers to a wide range of topics or industries – we hand-pick expert writers in our fields of specialisation.

Your technology content will always be written by someone thoroughly versed in your field, creating the right copy for your purposes.

Powerful SEO content

It’s not enough to have carefully crafted technology content that does a superb job of converting website visitors into customers – if no one ever gets to read it.

We can make your technology content visible to your potential customers precisely when they are searching for the products and services you provide, using intelligent, finely honed, legitimate SEO practices.

Proactive and agile

We keep our finger on the pulse of effective technology copywriting, ensuring that we always use the most potent best-practices at any
given time. We’re proactive and agile, researching and incorporating new content marketing developments into your copy as soon as
they emerge.

Your dynamic, responsive content keeps you on the leading edge, ahead of your competitors.

Always on time

We understand that success in the digital world requires fastidious attention to deadlines and delivery schedules. Creating and maintaining a live online presence relies on a fine balance of many moving parts.

We make absolutely sure that you get your content on time, using an efficient combination of human editors and automated workflow and delivery systems.

Constantly improving everything

No matter how successful we are in crafting technology content to meet your strategic aims, we’re always striving to out-perform ourselves.

No matter how successful we are in crafting technology content to meet your strategic aims, we’re always striving to out-perform ourselves.

What we do for you

We save you time

A big advantage of technology is time-saving, and we’ve adopted the cloud computing and remote working systems for fast, efficient productivity.

We effectively sell you time – generating the copy you need, so that you have the time to focus on your core business, rather than your online content.

You get world-wide reach

The digital world is fast-moving. It’s a place where agility reigns supreme and first-mover advantage can be everything.

We create technology content in more than 40 languages, helping you to quickly expand your market penetration by speaking to your potential customers effectively, in ways that they best understand.

We provide customised services

Borrowing from the modular approach that allows IT companies – from eMobility and connectivity providers to SaaS and blockchain providers – to create bespoke solutions for clients, Key Content specialises in customised technology copywriting services.

We are problem solvers using copy to solve yours, and drive your online success.

We are always available

Once again, using cloud computing, eMobility, and the latest in remote working and content management systems, we can provide an always-on technology copywriting service, which you can scale to
your needs.

We offer a “burstable” service, allowing you to adjust your content resources to your immediate strategic needs.

Great quality-price balance

By saving time and increasing efficiency through digitisation, and using the economies of scale we’ve created, we are able to offer premium technology copywriting at costs that are affordable to all types of businesses, from multinational corporates to start-ups and SMEs.

We offer consistent quality at
predictable rates.

You can trust us

You can rely on us to consistently deliver high-quality technology content, on time. You can trust us to understand your technology, whether it’s a mobile app or a complex distributed IT services platform.

We provide the right content that converts website visitors into revenue, as and when you need it.

Our technology clients

Key Content is a technology copywriting company for the 4th Industrial Revolution – just like our clients.