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Is correction & revision important?

The deal with revising and editing


The revision stage of any content project is critical because it consists of structuring and organizing the content to reflect a clear message.

It ensures that the argument is solid, the ideas are well organized, and the flow while reading is good.

We live in a digital (content) world


With digital content, revision becomes even more important. Why?

Because most content services today have very specific technical and optimization rules and requirements. And it’s the job of the revision professional to make sure they are all met.

SEO text correction: a revision task


Any good content that includes optimization and SEO features will always require extensive checking of many details.

Keyword density and quality, placeholders, trademarks, internal and external links are just some of the items that need to be verified and updated if necessary.

Revision: bringing balance to your content

The revision and editing professional ensures harmony between many factors in any piece of content: clarity and style, a correct and clear structure, the evidence supporting each point, optimization marks all in good shape.

These are all part of the work of a revisor.

Text correction and revision: clearer content and information

The revising and editing process updates the structure and delivers your message in its clearest form.

  • Content that fits the briefing
  • Clear and concise structure
  • Clarity in every sentence
  • Correct tone and style
  • Content that works with SEO
  • Text correction and improvement

The text correction and revision checklist

1. Rock-solid content

A revision professional starts by checking if the content fits its original purpose in the best possible manner.

3. Clearly this content's great!

A good text revision will guarantee that the entire copy is clear and understandable to the reader.

5. Revising with an SEO mind

Text revision is especially important for SEO content, since it will make sure all of the many optimization factors are on point.

2. If content is king...

…it needs a good castle. The text correction process will make sure it is well structured, with a beginning, end, useful sentences, etc.

4 - I'm not sure I like your tone

It’s not enough to have clear ideas; content needs a good flow and appropriate tone. A revisor will look out for this.

6. Revising means making it better...

…clearer, better structured, optimized and to the point. It’s about making all the necessary changes to reflect a great piece of copy.

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Revision and Text Correction by Key Content

We are a digital content agency committed to offering high-quality text correction and revision services. Our goal is to use every
resource available to deliver each piece of copy in the best version possible.

Complete, consistent content
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Our text correction services are guided by the content's purpose itself. It has to be consistent with its original briefing.
Solid content structure
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We work on every revision project to reflect a clear outline, with coherent points and logical transitions between each topic covered.
Plain topics and terms
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Our revision team works to ensure that every idea is clearly expressed, with relevant terms and meanings.
Appropriate and fitting tone
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Our revising and editing projects are developed with the idea that the right tone can make a big difference to any content.
Text correction created for SEO
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Our text revision is specially designed to help SEO professionals, looking after all the optimization requirements while considering the content's structure and clarity.
Content revision...and beyond
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Whether it's tone, style, keywords, links, titles or anything else that will help your content fulfill its potential, our text correction and revision services have got you covered.