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Transcription services can help you?

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How transcription works

Transcription means any activity that converts audio into text – that is, the actual rendering of language into writing.

Transcription services are so important because they are part of many areas today – be that in legal activities, education, health, business or more. Conferences, lectures, official hearings, voice notes – basically any context that needs spoken words transcribed into documents is a potential market for a good transcriptionist.

Within these scenarios, there are different types of transcriptions: audio and video transcriptions, real-time transcriptions, automated or machine transcriptions, and more.

In short, it’s a very complex activity that needs to be performed by skilled professionals.

Transcribing: like running a marathon

A race is a good metaphor for transcription.

Most clients have turnarounds that require their transcriptions to be delivered as soon as possible. Not only that, when doing real-time transcriptions, speed is of the essence. Urgent projects aren’t uncommon at all.

Also, transcriptionists need to be able to deal with many obstacles: different accents, complex words, inaudible parts, specific terminology, etc. It’s no wonder transcription fees are sometimes expensive, especially for professionals with a proven record.

They present a lot of challenges and can be incredibly time-consuming, but remain a critical service within the scope of communications.

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Automated transcription: for real?

There are many different softwares and applications that offer automated transcription services. The main advantages are the cost-effectiveness and speed involved.

A lot of these programs continue to evolve, becoming more and more reliable and safe to use. However, transcription done by AI will always have its limitations. The human factor will remain a powerful edge, especially when we consider the difficulties involved in any transcription process.

Once a file has been transcribed by software, the ideal scenario is to have it completely reviewed and edited by highly qualified professionals. Only then can the final result be considered complete.

Do I need transcription services?

The word “transcription” is usually associated with a few restricted areas and organizations. But transcription services can be incredibly useful to many companies and businesses.

An important meeting turned into a document. A keynote turned into a text file. A training conference turned into a manual for future use. Or maybe market research interviews that need to be registered. But regardless of why of a transcription is needed, accuracy and reliability are crucial.

Because it’s a complex activity with many steps, each transcription project will demand a different solution, tailored to the needs of each client.

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What does it take to be a transcriptionist?

Being a transcriptionist requires speed, full attention, accuracy, and sometimes a bit of improvising. A transcriptionist will always need to balance precise services with the demands of urgent deadlines.

  • Attention and listening
  • Speed and precision
  • Doing some research
  • Reviewing and checking
  • Keeping information safe
  • Being adaptable and open

The great transcription service handbook

1. An awesome attention span

To carefully and accurately transfer a speech into text, you need to be highly focused. No daydreaming, no thinking about the groceries list – 110% attention to what you’re doing.

3. You know about the subject

It always helps to know more about the topic that’s going to be transcribed. Or about the organization that requested the job in the first place. This will make your transcription even more accurate.

5. Privacy is a must

As with many other content-related activities, transcription services sometimes deal with highly sensitive information. The contents of your work should always be protected and kept private.

2. You're fast – very fast

Most transcriptions will require a lot of speed, especially if the job involves a real-time situation – as opposed to an audio or video transcription, where you can eventually rewind to clarify something.

4 - Checking and re-checking your work

A good level of reviewing is needed to deliver the best transcription possible. Your work needs to be thoroughly proofread and checked before being completed.

6. Be open to possibilities

Adaptability is key in transcriptions. In many cases, the use of automated software might be very helpful, so it’s important to keep your mind open to new technologies.

Key Content's Transcription Services

We work with highly experienced professional transcriptionist and the latest available technologies
to offer fast and reliable services aligned with your business goals.

Focus and dedication
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Every transcribing project will receive our full commitment and attention. We work hard to make our transcriptions as accurate as possible.
Attention to your timing
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Our transcriptionists will work with speed and precision, delivering results within your time constraints.
Researching the context
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Our transcription services involve researching the topic at hand so we can be familiarized with the subject, delivering better results.
Revision and editing
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Apart from transcriptionists, we work with experienced reviewers and editors. We want each transcription to be in the best possible shape.
Confidentiality as a priority
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The contents of your transcription will always be treated with the highest degree of security.
Technology taking the lead
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Our transcription processes are guided by the latest technological developments in software, but always aligned with human professionals to guarantee the best outcome.