Website Accessibility Services

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Why do you need to make your website accessible?

Making your website accessible to all types of people with different disabilities is a good idea for two compelling reasons.

The first is that you will be able to provide an improved and expanded user experience for people with visual or hearing impairments, with dyslexia, or who are on the autism spectrum. You’ll also benefit in the form of new users or customers.

The second is that more countries are making it a legal requirement, so if your website doesn’t follow certain accessibility requirements, you could be exposed to legal action. The USA, for instance, has long included websites in its Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Not being ADA-compliant when serving that country can result in a lawsuit being filed against your company.

How can you ensure your website accessibility is compliant?

You can speak to us. Key Content offers a comprehensive website accessibility service that includes:

Website accessibility audit

We’ll do a detailed audit of how well your website conforms with ADA and other countries’ accessibility requirements and identify any other barriers to accessibility. You’ll receive a detailed report with concrete recommendations for improvements.

Accessibility remediation

We’ll create an accessibility remediation plan and help you implement the changes. This will provide assistance to all the relevant stakeholders, including web design and development, information architecture, and content teams.

Accessibility support and training

We train your staff in all the relevant aspects of website accessibility that affect their daily work, thus raising overall levels of accessibility awareness so that it becomes part of your company culture. This is backed up with ongoing support.

This all results in a compliant and fully accessible website with improved inclusivity that can cater to a wider audience and increase revenue.

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