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What's the deal with
website content writing?


Well, content is basically the reason anyone comes to your website, right? Anything you want to communicate to your audience comes through a form of content, be it text, image, video or another format.

And written content is quite possibly the most important part, because not only will it be consumed by your users, it will also work as a reference for search engines.

After all, it’s not enough for readers to enjoy it – they need to be able to find it, and your written content is a way for search algorithms to know what your page is actually about.

Website content writers...or heroes?


If your website’s written content is where its biggest value lies, we can call website content planners and writers your heroes.

Your content needs to be well structured, your information carefully organized, your text optimized, your points trustworthy. That’s why your content strategy is crucial, and why quality content is essential for any organization to succeed in the digital landscape – a landscape in which user attention is incredibly scarce and competition fierce.

With this in mind, creating a content strategy and executing the website content writing part is by no means an easy task.

Website content is for your audience


In the end, your website’s visitors will decide how good (or not) your content is. For this reason, it should be planned and executed with your audience in mind – always.

How is this interesting to your readers, and what kind of benefit does it deliver them? What kind of problem does it solve? If the answers to these questions aren’t quite clear to you, you should probably be rethinking your entire content plan.

Because without actual value for your users, it’s not going to go far.

No one said content writing was easy


Some content works, some doesn’t. Sometimes your writing is great, but it doesn’t strike a chord with the readers – instead, sometimes the exact opposite happens.

To write well, be relevant, have a good flow, get the right tone, and – most importantly – bring actual value to the table is difficult. But that’s what it takes to get noticed online, and it needs to be done the right way.

Also, the great thing about website content is that you can monitor its performance and improve it if the results aren’t that great. That’s a key part of any website’s effective content strategy.

The essentials of website content writing

Great website content writing brings value to its users while also being attractive and engaging. Content writing is one of the most efficient tools available to achieve website visibility and its associated goals.

  • Define your positioning
  • Set your goals
  • Look at your current content
  • Optimize your writing
  • Use the right tone and flow
  • Track your performance

How to write great website content

1. The meaning of content

What makes your product, website or brand unique and how does your content translate this into words? What do you expect to reach with your website content? Reflect upon these questions before beginning.

3. What's your full content story?

It’s a good idea to have a clear picture of where your current content initiatives are. This will allow you to see any shortcomings, gaps and opportunities and never loose sight of where you are going.

5. Come on, content, light my fire

An adequate tone, the copy outline, the text flow, the overall structure – work and re-work all of these aspects to achieve a pleasant website content experience for your audience.

2. Where we're going, we need content

Once you’ve been able to position your organization and how you want your content to help, set up specific goals to be reached. Traffic, sales, leads – whatever you want to achieve, it needs to be defined in order to be measured.

4 - It's not great until it's optimized

Optimize for search engines and the channels you’re using. Work with SEO to maximize exposure of your content, and optimize written content according to its medium and goals. But remember: don’t overdo it.

6. Is your content hitting the mark?

Organize a tracking process to keep up with all your website content’s performance – whatever your priority metrics might be. This will help you know where things are going great and where you need to change them.

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Website Content Writing Services by Key Content

We have a long record of digital content writing projects across diverse platforms and brands.
Our goal has always been to create content that brings actual value to the user.

Brand and content proposition
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We will work to clearly define the actual benefit that needs to be transmitted by your website content, based on your company's goals and values.
Definition of targets
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Our website content writing service will be closely associated with specific objectives that will guide the entire creative process – and be measured thereafter.
Website content audit
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We will look into your current website content to check for gaps and possibilities.
SEO-oriented content writing
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Our website copywriting is carefully optimized wtih the best and latest SEO practices, to improve visibility and authority.
Engaging, to-the-point content
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We will develop your website content's shape, tone, flow and overall simplicity to convey ideas in a fun, engaging way.
Measurement of results
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We keep careful track of your results to check what's working and what's not – and to adjust the content strategy accordingly.

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