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Can it help your content strategy?

So, what does "white paper" mean?


A white paper can be defined by one word: information. Whatever the activity or industry of an organization, a white paper helps establish it as an authority in the business, promote its products, and make a strong case in favor of the company in question.

As such, white paper writing involves a great deal of data and insights to prove its points. It could be defined as the content marketing’s “why”.

And how is a white paper made?


A white paper is made by focusing on the strongest points of a company and how it solves a particular problem. Why is your business so good at what it does? Why are your products or services top-quality ones?

The main purpose of white paper writing is to educate your audience about your activities. And, of course, to gain visibility and authority.

White papers are very practical


Usually, good content – regardless of its form – will focus on problem-solving for the audience. That’s a given. White paper content, however, will consider that a high priority.

It will present the issue to be solved – or, let’s say, the opportunity – and how your company is equipped to deal with it in the best possible way.

White paper content: no time to waste


The thing about white paper writing is that everything should be based on hard evidence and practical information.

It can’t afford to be superficial or not tackle the issues related to your business or brand. “To the point” acquires a new meaning in white paper writing: it’s a vital necessity, not just an advantage.

The essential white paper writing service

A white paper helps establish an organization as a leader in its field and attract customer leads by providing detailed information and transmitting authority.

  • Define the objectives
  • Gather the insights
  • Clarify the specifics
  • Enable collaboration
  • Work with optimization
  • Follow up and adjust accordingly

How to write a great white paper

1. What's the white paper for?

Clarify why your white paper is being written. Is it aimed at the B2B environment, or will it educate your audience about a particular product or service? 

3. Let's talk details

After checking the “why” and the “what”, go for the “how”. Define the tone, outline, visuals and everything else that will constitute your white paper.

5. A show of hands?

Whether you’re working with a client or as an in-house collaborator, it’s important to have feedback. Ask for outside opinions and insights, especially about the technical details.

2. Data, data, data

A white paper’s nature is to be informative. You need solid information and data on the subject matter.

4 - SEO can always help

High-value search terms, keyword density, optimized headers, highlighted titles – don’t forget to look into the optimization factors of your white paper.

6. Is there room for improvement?

As with other content activities, it’s crucial to know how well (or not) the white paper is doing with regard to its goals. Set up performance tracking to follow up on the results.

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Key Content's White Paper Writing Services

Our white paper content production follows our digital content standards: relevant, concise and highly optimized.
Our goal is to bring the most important information about your organization to the people looking for it.

Establishing the purpose
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We will work with you to clearly define what exactly your white paper content aims to achieve.
Arranging the information
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With your white paper's objectives set, we select and organize relevant data about your brand to use in it.
Setting the structure
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We carefully select every detail that best fits your white paper – from the tone used to the design elements.
Working with feedback
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We'll involve your company in the white paper writing process with regular feedback – if you wish – to ensure the final result is as good as possible.
Prioritizing search visibility
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Our white paper writing services are guided by our long-term SEO experience, using best practices to make sure your content is both optimized and authoritative.
Keeping up with results
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We will follow up on your white paper's performance to evaluate any necessary changes and improvements.