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We work with some of the biggest companies in the world, including the likes of eBay, KAYAK, SIXT, and momondo, as well as other top brands like Reebok, Zalando, and adidas.

WooCommerce SEO Experts

Use WooCommerce SEO to woo more customers and improve online revenue

WooCommerce is one of the most popular and powerful website e-commerce content management systems. It’s not a complete standalone platform, but rather a plug-in that enables you to create e-commerce functionality, most often on a WordPress website. It’s a way for you to add all the features that an online shop needs, like product pages and shopping carts.

This plug-in will allow you to quickly open your own e-commerce outlet without needing to hire an expensive development company to build your website for you. It has a user-friendly drag and drop interface so that you can visually create your e-commerce website, even if you know absolutely nothing about how to build one yourself.

Of course, this is very easy and convenient, allowing you to start trading online easily and conveniently, with full control over your own website. However, simply building an online shop by no means guarantees that it will make you any money. You need to apply some WooCommerce SEO.

The main reason why you need WooCommerce SEO lies in the nature of the Internet. If you have a real-world shop, even if you do no advertising at all, it’s still visible to anyone who walks past. Online there is no such thing as passing trade. Without knowing your online shop’s address, unless you market yourself in some way, you will be completely invisible on the Internet.

What is WooCommerce SEO all about?

Simply having a powerful online platform that you can use to open your online store is hardly enough in the hyper-competitive online world, where the “next-door shop” can be halfway across the world. You need something to give you an edge over everyone else using WooCommerce. WooCommerce SEO is that special sauce, which can enable your website to outrank those of your competitors on Google.

Once again, you’ll have the option of using another WordPress plug-in to implement the WooCommerce SEO you’ll need to be visible and compete effectively online. The most common one is Yoast, and it makes a decent job of it.

However, there is still a cookie-cutter element to these tools. If you really want to do serious WooCommerce SEO, you’ll need to get under the hood with some expert SEO skills and knowledge and customize your SEO to segue with your overall business and marketing strategies and respond instantly to Google algorithm changes. This in turn means that you’ll either have to become an expert yourself or hire costly extra in-house resources.


The best option is to use an external expert WooCommerce SEO service like Key Content.

What can Key Content do for me with WooCommerce SEO?

We have 12 years of experience in e-commerce SEO, with some of the Internet’s most well-known brands as our clients. These include eBay, SIXT, KAYAK, momondo, and Reebok. We offer an all-in-one WooCommerce SEO service, executed by our own specialists.

This includes keyword research and analysis to identify the most worthwhile search terms to optimize for, and smart product tagging to match keyword analysis. We’ll fine-tune all other aspects, like titles, META descriptions, schema and metadata information, image alt tags, and, perhaps most importantly, the on-page content that creates authority and higher rankings on Google.

We also take the time to understand what you want to achieve with your WooCommerce SEO, and how it fits in with your overall online marketing strategies and business objectives, both short- and longer-term. Using this we’ll create an SEO and content marketing roadmap for your organization, to help ensure that your shop continues to gain more traction on Google month by month.