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Textbroker Reviews: 1359-Words Case Study

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We ordered two articles from Textbroker with different price points to evaluate the quality, grammar errors, turnaround, SEO efforts and more.

You can find the articles we ordered: Textbroker writing samples (1359 words).

Disclaimer: At Key Content we offer high-quality custom writing content with vetted, hand-selected, professional native speakers. Content in more than 60 languages with project and account managers to help business succeed. We also offer translation and transcription services.

The Textbroker service at a glance

Looking at the self-service option, Textbroker comes with both pros and cons.


  • quick turnaround time
  • simple order process
  • full client autonomy
  • flexibility
  • scalable pricing


  • quality not as expected
  • time-consuming revisions
  • impersonal experience
  • minimal SEO
  • trial and error to find authors

Textbroker: scam or star?

Having reviewed Textbroker in more depth, how does it deliver on its promise? While certainly a legit online content agency, offering competitive pricing and scalable models, quality is vital when it comes to content.

Neither sample really met the claim of ‘first-class content’ – though achieving a higher level might be possible by trying out more authors or opting for the pricier managed service. High marks for efficiency and flexibility; room for improvement in quality.

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What is Textbroker?

Textbroker is just one of the many online content services that claims to bring its clients ‘more success with first-class content’.

Founded in Germany in 2005, the Textbroker brand now has offices in Las Vegas and Kiev, and works with thousands of freelance writers to provide unique content in more than 36 languages.

According to their website, they process over 100,000 orders per month and have around 80,000 customers. The major clients they list include, Yoast, ebay and Staples.

The names and numbers seem to make Textbroker legit – but what’s really behind this self-titled ‘pioneer among content platforms’? This Textbroker review breaks it down.

What’s included in the Textbroker service?

At first glance, the Textbroker service is pretty comprehensive. The company mission is to ‘offer the best content possible for everyone everywhere for every situation’. That’s a bit of a mouthful, and a bold claim to boot. Here’s how they aim to do it:

  • Native speakers of 36 languages
  • Translations into 45+ languages
  • Expert writers in many fields, from travel to finance
  • Free registration, no monthly fees
  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • Automatic billing system
  • Scalable pricing model starting at 1.5 cents per word
  • Thorough plagiarism check
  • SEO boost through the inclusion of keywords

Textbroker does offer a full project management service – but more on that later. First of all, let’s investigate how the self-service model checks out.

How the Textbroker service works

Our review of is going to look at two sample articles: one of higher quality, one of lower quality.

To order any text, you first need to register as a client. The process is as promised: quick and free. Simply enter a name, email address and password, hit the confirmation link sent to you, and you’re ready to go.

Clients have access to an internal dashboard, where they can create or oversee orders, check their account balance, and even manage teams of preferred authors.

The platform prides itself on the ‘top-rate flexibility’ it offers – and flexibility equals choice. At first, though, this might be a little confusing: what are the different types of order and how do they impact on quality and price? Fortunately, Textbroker has broken this down with a handy overview of services and pricing:

If you’re getting your first-ever Textbroker sample, you’re likely to be going for an OpenOrder. This shares your project with all authors of the selected quality rating, so it can be snapped up by the first person available.

However, if you’d rather adopt a more personal approach, you can use the ‘Find Authors’ tool to select one or more authors suitable for your project. Filters include type of writing, industry experience, price range and rejection rate, allowing you to fully customize your search.

Once you’ve found or worked with a few authors, you can create a bespoke team to fulfil your future orders.

The OpenOrder, by contrast, is a faceless process – you’ll have no idea who’s working on your project until it’s complete. To create a new order, you can use one of the Textbroker templates such as blog post, press release or product description.

All these templates can be customized to reflect your project’s needs. Choose author quality rating, word count, and processing time; mention keywords and their frequency; and upload a briefing giving details of required structure, style, and content. Once complete, you can save this template to use in future orders.

As promised, Textbroker does offer a lot of flexibility here. A particularly useful feature is the processing time (scalable from 1 to 10 days), which is the length of time the author has to write your content once they’ve accepted the order.

For extra control, you can also include a deadline – if no one has completed your content by this date, the order will be returned to you for resetting or deletion.

Once the content is written, the client is given three days to review their order. If the work is not satisfactory, revisions can be requested.

However, this is a very client-led process: any required changes must be properly indicated and explained. As such, the client is effectively editing the author’s work: a time-consuming task.

This element was slightly problematic when it came to our samples:

Order 1 – 5-star quality rating – 647 words – 1-day turnaround – €42.40

Read the full article here.

Overall, this article fulfils the basic briefing:

  • keywords used the minimum number of times requested
  • paragraphs of different lengths split up by H1, H2 and H3
  • some informative and useful content
  • plagiarism check passed

However, it does leave a fair amount to be desired:

  • spelling and grammar need a lot of work
  • SEO (keyword use) is minimal
  • no links, external or internal
  • text is written in US English (we requested UK)
  • lots of empty ‘filler’ sentences

Things look quite similar when it comes to the second sample:

Order 2 – 2-star quality rating – 732 words – 1-day turnaround – €9.40

Read the full article here.

This actually contains more useful information – the author has clearly done some research – but spelling and grammar are very poor. This certainly could not be published on a reputable website; the first sample could, but only after a lot of work.

Other features of the Textbroker service

This Textbroker review only looks in-depth at the self-service model, but the platform does offer a managed service as well. This delivers ‘high quality without hassle’, taking care of everything from project management to keyword research, HTML tagging and the all-important editing.

For clients with larger budgets (the service begins at €1,000) and less time, this is potentially a more attractive option than the time-intensive self-service model.

Advertised as a new service, Textbroker now offers to translate as well as write content. Though this begins from 6.5 cents per word, they suggest a ‘minimum project budget of €1,000’ for the full service. More than 45 languages are covered, and the translation is carried out by a mixture of AI and native speakers.

Both Textbroker clients and authors can make use of the ‘Expert Center’, which contains blogs, videos and tutorials on a range of content marketing topics. From basic FAQs and guidance on using the platform to eBooks and content marketing glossaries, there’s a wealth of useful information here – especially for people just getting started.

Fun fact: This article is 1198 words long.

Gonzalo Suárez
Gonzalo Suárez
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