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Order Title: Travel to Madrid

Article Title: Travel to Madrid: Magnificent of Madrid

Article Text:

Madrid is not only among the most beautiful cities in Spain but in the world at large. Within its boundaries, lie rich cultural and historical treasures including the Royal Palace, Royal Theatre, and many other famous museums and art galleries that remain unmatched anywhere else in the world.

All these, coupled with numerous tapas to taste, many wonders to see, choosing exactly what to do in Madrid can indeed be overwhelming. Here is key information about the city.

What to do in Madrid.

While in Madrid, you might want to experience the rich art and culture of the city. Here, the Paseo del Arte is a one-kilometer stretch that is home to the best museums in the world: the Prado, the Thyssen bornemlsza, and Queen Sofia. This amazing and beautiful stretch is also known by many as the art walk, and it indeed boasts the best art you will never see anywhere else in the world.

When interested in visiting all the three famous museums, it is highly recommended you purchase the Paseo del Arte Pass, which is valid for an entire year and allows one visit to the permanent collection of each of the three museums.

Also, there are dozen other things one can do while in Madrid. The city offers a wide range of musical shows every day, from grand performers in the city's theatres to small dances along tablaos or halls. It is the hub of flamenco and the place to be for anyone who wishes to succeed in this genre.

There is a calendar of events which captures all major exhibitions, shows, music, fairs and conferences, flamenco and sports in the city. This makes it possible for any tourist to plan his visit to Madrid well ahead of time and for a fun and exciting tour.

The nightlife in Madrid is electrifying. There is something amazing for every age. The streets are lively with both locals and tourists enjoying the city’s restaurants and bars. The partying never stops, as the city never sleeps.

Airports in Madrid.

The main airport in the Madrid is the Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas which receives all international flights arriving in the city. It is located only 12 km northeast of the capital, hence efficient for commuters and saves them considerable time and money when accessing it. It has large shopping and leisure amenities within, including prayer, restaurants, and exhibition centers. therefore, flying to Madrid is no hustle.

Several metros link the capital to the airport. Within a record of less than just 20 minutes, one is able to reach one of the airport's terminals. Additionally, there are airport express busses offering a 24-hour service, from Atocha to Cibeles, stopping at O`Donnell. Taxes are also in plenty.

When to visit Madrid: The weather patterns.

Summers in Madrid can be very hot, with temperatures ranging from the '80s to 100`s in July and August. Although brutal, the humidity is usually low hence makes it bearable. The winters are cold and although many people assume that Spain is warm throughout the year, Madrid gets a bit of snow and it can get below the freezing mark.

The best recommended time to visit Madrid is between late March to mid-June and September October when the temperatures are between 65`F and 85`F.

Madrid’s top attraction sites.

As stated above, there is a lot to do in Madrid other than partying. Among the top tourists' attraction sites include:

  • The Royal Palace, charges and entry admission of between £10 to £ 14
  • Prado Museum. It Spain’s main, national and largest museum. Charges an admission of £14.
  • Queen Sofia Museum. It is Spain’s national museum of 20th-century art.
  • Thyssen bornemisza museum.
  • Caixaforum, it’s one of the city’s most interesting structures. It’s a center for revolving exhibitions of modern and contemporary arts.

Travel tips.

What makes Madrid a top tourist destination is its proximity to numerous smaller medieval towns, which are great for spending your day exploring them. Below are travel tips that will ensure that you move swiftly within the town.

  • Train. Train tickets to these locations sell out fast so booking in advance is highly advised. Also, the ticket lines can be long so online booking, using various portals are a smart move.

Follow our page for more Madrid inspirations, and you would be planning your trip in no time.

End Of Article

Order Title: Travel to Barcelona

Article Title: Travel to Barcelona

Article Text:

Are you a vibrant tourist in search of a reputable, charming destination for a vacation? Barcelona offers a sensational experience with her luring unique cultural and historical heritage that promises you a diverse palette.


Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia and is famed for its cultural interest, individuality, and physical beauty. Being located between the mountains and the sea, Barcelona can be described as nothing but beautiful and breathtaking. This cosmopolitan city is the hub of new trends in culture, art, fashion, and cuisine. While combining the creativity of its artists and designers, Barcelona doesn’t throw away its traditions. One can visit by opting to fly to Barcelona, using the sea, train or by car. The main airport in Barcelona is located 16 kilometres south of the city and is known as Joseph Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat and has several terminals. You can also reach the city by transport links from other regional airports. It has direct railway links with several important destinations such as Paris, Madrid, eastern Spain and many destinations all over the country. The motorway and road network will take you anywhere in the city by car. Barcelona has also become Mediterranean’s foremost cruise ship harbour so one can also get to the city by sea.

What to do in Barcelona

Barcelona is a throbbing, vibrant city deep-rooted to its cultural heritage. As one of the oldest and most beautiful cities, Barcelona has so much to offer for everyone. Whether you are looking for a corporate training facility or perhaps you are a soccer enthusiast in pursue of dazzling magic of live FIFA matches, this stunning city covers it all. More and more thrilling experience from the city include:

Visiting the Sagrada Familia

As the official emblem of the city, Gaudi’s Basilica offers undeniable visual impact for all viewers. The stark profile of the spires of this architecture can be seen from many vintages. The genius of Gaudi will strike you from its unfinished nature to the way its architecture is closely intertwined with the spirit of the city.

Explore the Sunbathe on the beaches

It’s wonderful how a cosmopolitan region such as Barcelona can be so blessed with such a beautiful coastline. Experience the delights of the city in the morning sun on the beach. Later on, you can visit the inspiring art in the Picasso Museum while the Mediterranean cuisines await for a dinner treat.

Watch live soccer matches

The magnificent structure of Camp Nou stadium has so much to offer for all football fans. Being the largest stadium in the entire Europe and home to one of the best football clubs in the world, a ticket to a match during a major event will stamp you a successful vacation.

When to visit Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the European cities that is always flocking with tourists all year round. Thanks to its strategic positioning on its balmy coastline, it’s always blessed with a warm, favourable climate. You’re good to visit at any time of the year, but the best time, of course, depends on what you are looking to experience in this cosmopolitan. If you are looking to enjoy the city’s spectacular beaches and its outdoor events and festivals, then it is best to visit from April to July. However, if sightseeing is your only focus and also want to avoid the queues and crowds, March to May, and September to November, is the ideal time. You can always visit Barcelona in November through May if your budget’s tighter, but be sure to give up the beaches.

If you are looking for an inland full of charm that never sleeps, then Barcelona ought to be your number one tourist destination.

End Of Article

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