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TextMaster Review

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We ordered two articles from TextMaster with different price points to evaluate the quality, grammar errors, turnaround, SEO efforts and more.

The TextMaster service at a glance

Although TextMaster is aimed primarily at translation, it does offer a solid content writing service. Let’s break it down:


  • simple order process
  • reasonable pricing
  • plagiarism check included
  • content in multiple languages
  • API integration for efficiency


  • real focus on translation
  • vague turnaround time
  • proofreading costs extra
  • technical problems with the website when we visited

TextMaster: scam or star?

Overall, TextMaster seems to be a decent content writing platform . . . but probably not the best. Doubtless a great agency for clients seeking quick, quality translations, we weren’t 100% convinced by the content writing side of things. It seems to lack a bit of passion and the expertise we’ve seen from other platforms. That said, pricing is reasonable and the order process fairly simple. Being able to order content in multiple languages is also a definite plus for globally active businesses.

What is TextMaster?

TextMaster is a digital content platform that specializes in translation, but also provides copywriting and proofreading services. It claims to use “the power of technological innovation” in combination with “the precision of human expertise” to fulfil all your content needs quickly and professionally. We conducted a review of TextMaster to find out if it really lives up to expectations.

TextMaster is proud to be the “first professional translation platform available entirely online”. Founded in 2011, it now counts over 10,000 happy clients in 110 countries, and is a leader in the European translation market. A member of the Acolad group, TextMaster has offices in the US, UK, and various European countries, including Germany, France, and Italy. Clients quoted on the website include Google, SNCF, Groupon, and Uniqlo.

When it comes to content writing, TextMaster seems slightly less engaged with its product offering – this section of the website is more basic, with fewer fancy integrations. All the same, TextMaster offers a simple order format through an online platform, with the option of getting a quote directly on the website or by contacting the sales department.

How the TextMaster service works

Unfortunately, as we were writing our review, TextMaster was spending several weeks testing its website, meaning logging in or actually ordering content proved somewhat challenging. All the same, we were able to get a good overview of the TextMaster service.

One of the great things about working with a translation specialist is, of course, that content is available in multiple languages. TextMaster currently offers content writing in 35 different languages, from English to Spanish, Arabic to German, and even some more unusual ones like Latvian and Mongolian. In terms of content writing, the agency has various areas of expertise, including but not limited to travel, ecommerce, fashion, and SEO. Not only can content be ordered through the platform, but TextMaster also integrates with CMS systems like WordPress through its own API. Writers are selected through a rigorous vetting process and are all professionals in their field, with specific industry expertise.

To order a piece of content from TextMaster, you can create an account to give you access to a personal dashboard. Or, if you prefer, you can get an instant quote and place a direct order. This allows you to fill in a simple briefing form and pay for your content all within a few clicks.

Orders should be completed within a matter of days (translation often takes 24 hours, though content writing requires a bit longer) and are quality-checked by an expert before being returned. You can then request revisions before finally approving your content for download.

For SEO purposes, TextMaster orders are run through Copyscape to ensure your content is 100% original. Clients can also benefit from ongoing communication with their chosen writer, which makes it easier to suggest revisions or add extra elements to the briefing (more keywords, say).

You can also customize your order with additional options like professional proofreading or make it a priority order. Both come at a cost, of course, but it may well be worth it for the extra speed or quality. For larger volumes, content in multiple languages, or recurring content orders, TextMaster suggests getting in touch directly for a bespoke quote.

What will it cost me?

TextMaster operates different levels of service – in content writing, there are two to choose from. Standard service begins at $0.066 per word and will give you content written by a verified freelancer who can conduct some simple research. Examples of the content this service level is suitable for include product descriptions, SEO content, basic web articles, and so on.

Then, there’s the Enterprise level, which is considerably more expensive at $0.154 per word. Here you’ll find content written by professional writers who have specific industry knowledge and can conduct more research. Think press releases, B2B content, technical documents, and more. All options can then be customized with proofreading, rush completion, or additional expertise. Proofreading, for example, starts at $0.022 per word.

You’ll notice that all those prices seem rather low, so what does this add up to in concrete terms? Well, using the handy online quote calculator, we came up with the following:

  • 300-word product description at Standard level = $16.50
  • 1000-word travel blog at Standard level = $55
  • 500-word web content at Expertise level with proofreading = $176
  • 2000-word white paper at Expertise level with proofreading and priority status = $792

Don’t forget, you’ll also need to add VAT to these prices. Payment can be made in several ways: credit card (Visa or Mastercard), PayPal, or bank transfer. You can choose to pay for each order individually, or add a credit bundle to your account, beginning at $149 and rising to $3,000+. This is particularly useful if you need to order large volumes or require multiple services, like content writing and translation.

Other features of the TextMaster service

Like many online content agencies, TextMaster isn’t just about ordering content. It also runs a handy Resource Center where you can download guides and white papers, view tutorials, and find studies. Most materials are free to access – you’ll just need to provide some personal details that will presumably sign you up to a mailing list.

TextMaster also runs a blog, Go Global, which is updated regularly with all manner of content. A lot of it is translation-focused, but you’ll also find articles about content writing and strategy, not to mention platform-specific information, and useful tips and advice for managing your projects.

Finally, we wanted to return to the API we mentioned earlier. TextMaster runs a lot of integrations that could be time-saving for translation-focused clients, but the API can also be used by those here for content. Integration is (apparently) simple and intuitive, and the automated ordering and publishing features can make your content process “up to 80% more efficient”. The API functions similarly to the TextMaster platform, allowing you to manage orders and revisions, create teams of writers you prefer to work with, but also publish content directly to your website.

Gonzalo Suárez
Gonzalo Suárez
Co-founder and COO @ Key Content
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