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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

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Finding the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners can be a difficult task when you’re just starting out. But the world of passive income is open to all, and you can’t let too much choice stop you from distributing a valuable affiliate link or two throughout your content.

If you’ve taken the first step of deciding to become an affiliate marketer, read on for the top affiliate marketing programs for beginners to join with little fuss.

How can I get started in affiliate marketing?

We’ve written about this in more detail in another post, but one of the essential decisions to make is which of the many affiliate marketing programs you’re going to join.

There’s an important difference between an affiliate network and an in-house affiliate marketing program. The former works as a middleman, connecting you to various merchants. As a beginner, this can make your life easier – the interface is usually simple, and approvals taken care of. That said, commission rates can be lower, so you may want to consider joining an in-house program too.

Remember: how much money you can make with affiliate marketing all depends on the affiliate network you join, but also how much time and effort you can invest. It might be called “passive income,” but nothing in life is 100% free. (We know, it sucks.)

Top affiliate networks for beginners

Free to sign up and (usually) straightforward to use, here are some top affiliate networks to investigate.

1. Commission Junction

One of the biggest and most popular affiliate programs for beginners. A range of big brands to choose from, though merchants can leave without warning.

2. ShareASale

Comes with an intuitive, if outdated, interface, plus a wide range of products including from smaller suppliers and emerging brands.

3. Amazon Associates

A massive range of products make this an easy choice. Cons: commission rates change often, cookies are only valid for 24 hours, and earnings can be low unless you target luxury products.

4. ClickBank

Focused on digital products, so great if you want to be an affiliate marketer in this field. Recurring commissions are available from many merchants.

5. Rakuten Marketing

Be warned: the approval process can be slow. However, big brands are available here with a standard commission rate.

6. eBay Partner Network

Technically an in-house program, but still an interesting alternative to an affiliate network like Amazon Associates. The cookie lifetime is equally short, but commission rates can be high, and the product range is massive.

7. FlexOffers

A wide range of products, plus some sub-affiliate programs that can help get you into in-house programs. Approval can be difficult, so be sure to have a good website up and running.

8. Impact

Known for its customer service, but can be tricky to get into. Once you’re there, more than 1,000 brands are available in various niches.

9. Awin

An online marketplace focusing on finance, telecommunications, travel, and retail. It’s younger than other affiliate programs and allows for a degree of creativity.

10. Clickbooth

Works on a cost-per-action basis, allowing you to maximize earnings. Unlike many programs, affiliate marketers here report payments being made on time.

There are many other options to investigate depending on your specific niche, from travel to health to crypto finance. But signing up to one of these top affiliate marketing programs for beginners can help you learn by doing and take your first steps to establish a solid passive income.

Gonzalo Suárez
Gonzalo Suárez
Co-founder and COO @ Key Content
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