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WriterAccess Review

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We ordered articles from WriterAccess with different price points to evaluate the quality, grammar errors, turnaround, SEO efforts and more.

The WriterAccess service at a glance

As WriterAccess works on a subscription model, we didn’t get a sample article this time. However, looking at the short examples available in writer portfolios, we have to say we were impressed by the range of content available. With WriterAccess, it really does seem that you get what you pay for.

So, a glance at the WriterAccess content service looks something like this:


  • quality content
  • scalable service model
  • full management available
  • personal connection to writers
  • integrations improve workflow


  • fairly expensive memberships
  • no one-off orders
  • content and images cost extra
  • writer search may take time
  • no pre-defined rates

WriterAccess: scam or star?

Now that we’ve reviewed the service provided by WriterAccess, we’d say it’s a grown-up content agency that’s very keen to shake up the industry. Technologies such as platform integrations and AI search are all very well, but clients who want to benefit from these will have to pay quite a lot of money. Good for businesses who are serious about getting quality content, want to save time, and have large budgets to play with, WriterAccess can meet demanding quality needs and offers a personal link between clients and content creators.

What is WriterAccess?

WriterAccess is an online content agency or, as the website puts it, a “small army of writers”. Using technology and integrated platforms, it aims to “streamline the workflow” involved in creating content for brands and businesses. It also offers access to a range of freelance experts including designers, editors, and strategists. On paper it sounds good, but how does it really measure up? Here’s our review of WriterAccess.

WriterAccess is a US-based content agency that began life in 2000 as a tips website for freelance writers. Since then it’s grown organically, adding services like conference calling, content analytics, translation, and content strategies. The agency is proud of regularly appearing on the INC 5000 list and using “next-gen tools” like AI-powered search to optimize client and freelancer experiences. Besides functioning as a content agency, WriterAccess hosts virtual content conferences and offers free certification to writers through a content strategy masterclass. It now has a client base numbering over 40,000, including big names like Microsoft, Cisco, and 3M. A self-service “membership” is available for smaller businesses, as well as a fully managed service for larger content orders or agencies.

What’s included in the WriterAccess service?

Like content agency Verblio, WriterAccess has gone down the slightly unusual route of working as a subscription service. In other words, you have to pay a monthly fee to access content writers. It is possible to request a free trial or demo, so we took a closer look at how it all works.

How the WriterAccess service works

Unless you’re an agency opting for the fully managed service (more on that a little bit later), you can sign up to WriterAccess on a self-service subscription basis. This comes in three different tier options, which start from $39 a month. As you might expect, the more you pay, the more you can access. A “Basic” membership includes one user profile, access to the writer database, and a range of platform tools like SERP tracking and language grading, while at the other end of the scale the “Premium” members can have unlimited user profiles, 14 days to approve submitted content, and access to freelance translators, editors, and content managers, not to mention photo databases and white-label solutions. In other words, if you pay $99/month, the WriterAccess world is your oyster.

The idea behind WriterAccess is to offer greater communication between freelancers and clients, so once you’ve got your subscription sorted, you can start checking out writer profiles. Instead of simply ordering content from nameless individuals, the platform allows you to host “casting calls” or use AI search tools to find the perfect writer. A star-rating system helps you find writers able to meet your budget, or you can specify a price range when putting out your order.

Higher up the subscription model, you can make the whole process of approving and publishing content easier by building teams of designers, editors, and other talent, and adding tools to optimize your workflow. The perks of more expensive membership tiers include access to image libraries such as Getty and Shutterstock (note, however, that each downloaded image costs extra), and the option of integrating publishing platforms such as WordPress and HubSpot.

WriterAccess provides its members with numerous ways to search for content creators. You can filter writers and other freelancers according to industry, expertise, or project type, or give AI a chance with the “Stylemetrics Matcher”. This search tool allows you to choose the type of content and industry expertise you want, then upload a sample text (or pick from a range of writing styles) to find registered writers who regularly produce this type of content.

A straightforward portfolio search is also available, with writers attaching work samples to their profiles.

What will it cost me?

We’ve already mentioned the subscription fees, but WriterAccess also requires its members to purchase content separately. Writers are in charge of setting their rates, but it’s also possible to state your budget for a project or request a custom quote. In short, you have some flexibility, and WriterAccess works on a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Though you need to deposit the payment in advance in Escrow, it will only be paid out if you’re happy with the content.

Although WriterAccess doesn’t set platform-wide rates, it does recommend paying more for better quality. A suggested rate of 2¢ per word will get you “core skills” on a “2-star project”, while going all the way up to $2 per word will see you benefit from writerly skills such as “industry wizardry” and “audience empathy”. When it comes to payment logistics, most of it is done by credit card, but qualifying US-based companies can make the most of pre-pay invoicing.

Your WriterAccess membership can be cancelled on a month-to-month basis, but annual memberships are billed once and non-refundable. If you’re struggling to keep up with your content needs and want to opt for a managed service, this can be added to your existing model on a monthly basis with no commitment. So, let’s have a look at this side of things next.

Other features of the WriterAccess service

WriterAccess offers a fully managed service for larger organizations or agencies looking to have their workflow taken care of. The specifics vary depending on the tier you opt for, or you can go all in with a custom package. Essentially, you’re looking at $349/month for an “Essentials” service that will include talent management, workflow supervision, platform integrations, and more, or $749/month for everything from image research to social publishing. Remember that a basic membership is still required, and you’ll need to purchase content, images, or design work separately.

Even without this full service, you can make the most of other WriterAccess features such as the option of integrating existing freelance relationships into the platform. Available with the more expensive self-service memberships, you can bring writers or staff members on to projects and bill them through the platform at rates you’ve already agreed. This could be handy for businesses looking to scale their content creation process, but unwilling to let go of freelancers with whom they already have a good partnership.

Beyond actual content services, WriterAccess offers a wide range of resources: a blog (fairly standard for this kind of agency), plus ebooks, guides, training videos, and webinars. There are also plenty of resources for writers and, of course, the annual content conference. A ticket to this event (CMC) is included for free in annual-billing subscriptions.

Gonzalo Suárez
Gonzalo Suárez
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