About Us

We didn’t start the online content fire. It was always burning. What we did – and still do – was to bring new and fresh ways to feed its flames. We make content that’s smarter, better, and more engaging – true story!

Why Key Content


We dream about
your goals at night

Everything we do is aligned to your business goals. Whatever it is you need to achieve, we want our content to help you get there.


Can we be a part
of your team?

We work fully integrated with your teams and stakeholders – almost like a part of your company.


Not just another
online content agency

The diversified structure that we work with allows us to deliver fast, reliable service – with the highest quality, of course.


We're always here, really

We’re focused on providing a personalized service, looking after your projects and keeping you up to date at every step of the way.

Our story

You’re probably expecting a long, boring piece of text full of dates explaining how we’ve started as a small-scale project and worked our way up to being one of the most in demand agencies ever, right? Well, sorry to disappoint. We’re not going to bore you with that. What we want to say here is this: we’ve always loved content, with all our hearts (ask us about our favorite writers, please!). Even long before we had our agency set up. 

At some point – actually many many years ago – we decided to establish a content agency, in order to do things our way: to work in a simpler, faster and more effective manner, enabling a powerful content creation platform that connects high-quality content creators with challenging projects all around the world. And when we say content projects, we do mean incredibly diverse projects across many different content channels, from blog posts to eBooks.

Our values

We're way past being just "professional"

We’ve been improving our working processes for a long time. Which means we really, really want to impress you with our way of working. Just give us a chance to show it you.

Our work ethic
spends its days at the gym

It ain’t over ’till it’s over, right? We’re fully driven to achieve our goals, deadlines and results. And, to that end, all of our teams and professionals work tirelessly.

So much attention
you'll get tired of us

One of our pride points is to offer close support to all our clients, keeping them fully informed of what’s going on and taking every feedback in consideration.

The Team

Carmen Bardají

Head of Talent

Cristian Gonzalez Guasch

Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel Talkins

Head of Accounting & Finance

Emilio Acosta

Technical PM

Gonzalo Suárez

Chief Operations Officer


Sonia Pérez

Head of Production


Starting with a digital content project is not an easy task, so we’ve collected some of the most asked questions regarding our content production, formats, briefings and more.

Many factors are involved in our production and delivery times, from assembling the perfect content creators for each project to having fresh content delivered to your inbox. But we can confidently say that we are fast – without ever leaving quality behind. Get in touch and let us provide a clearer picture.

We love creating content and developing incredible content projects. And, as such, we love working with all kinds of companies and organizations. Drop us a line and we’ll provide you with a quote that can be ideal to your business size – and budget, of course.

No. While it’s always helpful to organize our content projects around client briefings – and we work with custom briefings from all sorts of clients – we can prepare a carefully detailed content plan for you that will include guidelines. And, once you approve it, we can start working on it right away.

We work with teams of qualified professionals – from content creators of the highest skill to incredibly organized project managers. This allows us to deliver high content volumes with relatively fast turnarounds. Once again, we invite you to get in touch and find out what we can do for your project, even if it’s a very urgent one.

First off, we work with a sampling system at the early stages of every project, to make sure your content is at the hands of the best creators. Second, if anything you see is not to your liking, we’ll provide very cool editing and rewriting options for you as well. Sounds good?

We don’t know the answer to that, but we’ll give you this: the meaning of our lives is to create great content – the kind that engages with users and generates great results. That’s what we like to do. That’s what we’ll keep doing. And, hopefully, you’ll be a part of that, too.

Breathe life into your content

Ideas move the world. Share yours with us, please!