Our talent is what makes us special

Thanks to our special team of global talent, we have built and maintained partnerships with a fantastic customer-base. We’ve worked with leading brands who are trailblazers in their industries and provided them with content that’s as exceptional as it is functional. Become our partner today and access content that will enhance your future.

Our core values

We strive to create a healthy working environment so that our global talent thrives and our clients feel right at home.

Flexibility: We embrace the ever- changing world, supporting clients and teams alike. We pioneered remote work, we ease the challenges of life and foster a resilient workforce, all to deliver exceptional results.

Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions, to our customers, colleagues and to ourselves. We embrace the understanding of what needs to be done and take ownership. We refuse to turn a blind eye when help is needed or when a better approach exists.

Customer obsession: We go above and beyond to exceed expectations, delivering exceptional service and tangible results. Our customers' success is our success, and we are fully dedicated to helping customers achieve their goals.

Our leadership team

Meet our leadership team. Committed to exceptional customer service, our leaders drive high performance, champion customer success, and empower our global workforce. They will ensure a culture of innovation, while ensuring strong governance for sustainable growth.

Pablo Picture
Chief Executive Officer
Peter Goulet
Chief Financial Officer
Gonzalo Picture
Founder and Chief Operations Officer
Maria Alonso
Maria Alonso
Director of Content and SEO
Patrick Hope
Patrick Hope
Director of Account Management

We are where you are

Connected through our smart proprietary technology, our talented team of writers, market experts, brand developers, and SEO specialists ensures exceptional results.

Our headquarters

86-90 Paul Street
London EC2A 4NE
United Kingdom
40 University Av. 904
Toronto M5J 1T1
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Why join us

If you are creative, enjoy solving content challenges for customers and want to be in an inclusive environment that fits your lifestyle you would fit right in.
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