Carmen Bardají

Co-founder and Talent Manager @ Key Content

Carmen Bardají

Ultimate Content Marketing Guide

If you’re actually reading this, we think you already know what kinds of benefits a solid content marketing plan can bring to a business or brand, but it helps to remember: boosting your brand awareness? Building trust and credibility with your users? Reaching new audiences – and converting them into customers down the road? Or how about some good old spikes in numbers, such as rankings, backlinks, social followers… and conversions?

“eBooks aren’t important for content marketing strategies.” We’ve got seven reasons to prove otherwise.

Snappy title, right? This article is about eBook marketing. You’ve arrived at this article somehow, so we’re guessing you’re a content marketer, or maybe a business owner. And, as a content marketer, we’re pretty sure you’ve already heard the expression “thin content” somewhere. You’ll know by now that it’s not a very good thing.