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Gonzalo Suárez

The definitive email marketing guide: is it possible to learn this power?

Yes, Padawan. It is possible. You want to learn how to do email marketing? We’ve got some of the goods right here. As you’re probably aware, the best email marketing campaigns are still a big part of content marketing strategies for many kinds of organizations out there – from big enterprises to smaller startups. And the reason is quite simple: email marketing campaigns are truly cost-effective and provide a big return on investment.

What is transcreation and how is it different from translation?

We’re guessing you probably found this article through a search engine, while doing some research on transcreation. The question “what is transcreation?” is going to be asked – or googled – at some point by each and every person who works with content marketing. Or at least is dealing with some sort of content project that has more than one language attached to it.