Beyond ChatGPT, Evaluating AI Content Tools

BrightonSEO September 2023 - Ainhoa Lizarralde, Head of SEO

Key Content was excited to sponsor and speak at BrightonSEO, the world's biggest search conference, for the very first time. We were thrilled to engage in many insightful discussions and share our experiences with fellow attendees.  From more than 100 speakers over three different tracks, BrightonSEO talks outlined tactics and strategic approaches used by content creators, designers, analysts, software engineers, UX specialists, salespeople, digital marketers, PR consultants and others to build organic visibility.

Ainhoa, our Head of SEO, guided participants on a journey that goes beyond ChatGPT and explored the wide range of AI content tools. The focus was on assessing the abilities, limitations, and potential impact of these tools on content creation and marketing strategies. 

Through real-life examples and case studies, Ainhoa provided valuable insights to the audience, enabling them to make well-informed decisions when choosing the most appropriate AI content tools for their specific needs.

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The insights we presented to the BrightonSEO audience are rooted in our extensive research and hands-on experience in implementing SEO content strategies for a diverse portfolio of international clients. 

Our goal is to help everyone make more informed decisions regarding the use of AI content generation technology within their content marketing strategies.

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