EL CAPRICHO – Full Stack Digital Marketing Plan


Bodega El Capricho, a family business located in León, Spain, has grown from a local restaurant, winery, and oxen-breeding company to an internationally renowned brand known for its exceptional meat cuisine and fine wines. With a desire to expand its global visibility and brand awareness, El Capricho embarked on a journey to develop its digital presence and connect with broader audiences through its e-commerce website, offering delicacy products like prime meat cuts, meat-related products, special wines, and gift sets for food enthusiasts around the world.

The challenge

Despite enjoying organic traffic from Spain since early 2016, with an average of 6k organic sessions per month and a peak of 7.5k sessions in Q3 2018, El Capricho faced challenges in expanding its reach beyond the Spanish market. Most of its organic traffic came from branded keywords, indicating that the brand was primarily known among existing customers and struggled to attract new audiences. Additionally, the majority of its ranking keywords were in positions 51-100, and its keyword distribution was mostly limited to Spain, pointing to untapped opportunities for international expansion.


Estimated number of ranking organic keywords (SEMrush)


Estimated organic traffic from branded vs. non-branded keywords (SEMrush)

The solution

El Capricho partnered with Key Content to develop a comprehensive content marketing and optimization strategy to improve its global visibility, increase its audience, and drive conversions. The strategy included the following components:

Global SEO: Key Content conducted a thorough assessment of El Capricho’s website and identified opportunities for SEO improvements, including optimising the information architecture and creating new content pages in different languages to target international markets. Specific recommendations were made for technical, on-page, off-page, and SEO conversion scenarios.

Content Marketing: Key Content created a range of creative and engaging content pieces tailored for each stage of the conversion funnel, from discovery/awareness to commitment/loyalty. This included videos, podcasts, case studies, and blog posts, designed to attract and engage target audiences and drive them towards conversion.

Paid Search (SEM): Key Content implemented paid search campaigns using platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram Ads, targeting users aligned with El Capricho’s campaign objectives. Ad content was customised for each platform, and remarketing campaigns were structured to target users who visited the website but did not convert.

Social Networks: Key Content audited El Capricho’s social media channels, identified areas for improvement, and set goals for each channel. Posting campaigns were managed, results were tracked, and customer assistance was provided. Strategic partnerships with influencers were also leveraged, and social networks were used to promote the content marketing plan.

Email Marketing: Separate email campaigns were created for transactional, relational, and promotional newsletters, integrated with the overall content marketing plan and other content pieces as applicable.

E-commerce and CRO: Key Content implemented A/B testing campaigns to optimise the e-commerce website and improve conversions, identifying gaps and missed opportunities and addressing them as needed.

Other Marketing Actions: Key Content proposed additional initiatives such as subscription services, product promotions for festivities and holidays, and selling products through other e-commerce platforms to reach new customers

The results

Key Content’s comprehensive measurement and reporting approach, using various tools within the Google platform, provided valuable insights for El Capricho’s content marketing initiatives. Monthly reports, supplemented by ad-hoc reports as needed, assessed key metrics such as user behaviour, engagement, SEO performance, and revenue across different channels and markets. By analysing the data and creating forecasts, client can make informed decisions and implement necessary strategy adjustments.

Aligned with specific goals and ROI evaluation, the content marketing strategy resulted in a significantly broader digital presence for El Capricho, expanding its reach across multiple markets and content channels. The strategy not only increased website traffic and direct sales but also had a positive impact on overall brand awareness. This success translated into a substantial influx of customers to El Capricho’s physical business, including the restaurant, winery, and oxen-breeding operations, both in the Spanish market and internationally.