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Profitable gaming content

Level up revenue – tapping into the game content ecosystem

Gaming is one of the biggest, most lucrative businesses on the planet.

Almost everyone loves playing digital games – dedicated gamers with specialist rigs, pre-schoolers discovering new worlds of wonder, and casual gamers who haul out their smartphones for some relaxation and distraction during the day.

There are revenue opportunities virtually lying around like adventure game treasure chests – you just need to know how to pick their locks. By 2020 video gaming revenue was worth over $90 billion a year.

The simultaneous explosion of mobile technology has meant that almost a third of the people on earth are now gaming.

No matter whether you’re a game development house, a game review site or a gaming retailer, the key to getting a bigger piece of the action lies in creating killer gaming content.

Key Content can provide the gaming copywriting to help you improve revenue streams and unlock new ones.

A powerful gaming copywriting loadout

  • Website gaming content
  • Game product descriptions
  • Branded gaming content
  • Game manual content
  • Mobile game content
  • Game guides content
  • Gaming content marketing
  • Promotional game content
  • Blog gaming content

Gaming copywriting

Making sure you don't play with noob gaming content

Native game content

Nothing shows you up as a noob worse than not using the right language in your video games content.

Great gaming copywriting speaks the lingo of the world in which it lives, and immediately connects you to the gamers who inhabit it. It creates credibility and builds a trusting community.

Gaming copywriting value

Many gamers are geeks. You can’t reach them merely with snappy marketing content; they’re too savvy for that.

There are also tons of casual gamers who just want to have fun. But what all of them want is gaming content with substance, which gives them new value and fires their imaginations.

Gaming content communities

Player interaction is a huge part of gaming. Vibrant communities form around games and gaming brands.

It’s your gaming content that creates this community, from simple gameplay tips to sculpting entire imaginary worlds with rich histories for players to explore in your games, discuss online or cosplay in real life.

Game content excellence

The gaming industry is a tough, competitive market, make no bones about it. Great gaming copywriting helps a brand to stand out above the rest.

The most successful gaming companies have always had gaming content excellence as part of their DNA – setting them apart and winning market share.

Capture the flag

Gamers are very brand loyal, but they also keep a beady eye on you.

They’ll follow every quest you create and buy all your games – as long as you keep giving them the substance and value they prize. Your gaming content needs to create a flag they’ll always want to capture.

Gaming content cross-sells

Players are always hungry for new games. You can take advantage of myriad cross-sell opportunities if you use the right kind of savvy gaming copywriting that Key Content can provide.

The kind of game content that delivers increasing return on investment, allowing you to constantly improve your own game.

The pro-level game content writer...

Is also a gamer

There’s nothing worse to a gaming audience than reading video games content that has clearly been written by an outsider.

You need someone who knows this world intimately. Key Content has gaming copywriters who are also gamers to their core.

Writes conversational gaming content

Many of your customers aren’t hardcore gamers. Millions of everyday people play casual games on their tablets and mobiles, from kids to grandmothers.

A good game content writer talks to them as if sitting alongside them on the couch.

Works and learns fast

Hundreds of new games come out annually for consoles and PCs.

Then add exponentially more mobile gaming apps. It’s clear that a good game content writer must be able to learn and write about tons of games – very quickly!

Wide game content experience

A game content writer worth their salt should have been around the block a bit.

They should understand the history of the games they write about, and have a wide current knowledge of the full gaming catalog out there.

Understands gaming content marketing

There’s much more to successful gaming copywriting than simply publishing the content.

It requires a coherent, goal-directed content marketing approach – all of which comes with Key Content’s gaming copywriting services. We play a multiplayer content strategy game for real.

Creates SEO gaming content

Online gaming content by itself is effectively meaningless if no one reads it.

You need the latest ethical SEO techniques to ensure players find your video games content easily and prominently in the search engine results, displayed front and center.

Our clients

Key Content provides the kind of enthusiastic, knowledgeable gaming copywriting that builds communities and improves our clients’ bottom lines.