Enhancing organic traffic and conversions for HolidayCheck


HolidayCheck, a leading travel website where users can easily find and book their perfect holiday and share their holiday experiences.

HolidayCheck’s goal was to boost the quality of organic traffic and conversions for hotels and holiday destinations. In pursuit of this objective, they turned to Key Content, a global SEO content agency who had scale and speed to manage the substantial volume of content.

The challenge

HolidayCheck recognised the need to enhance their online presence and drive valuable traffic to their hotel and holiday destination pages. The company’s primary goals included:

  • Generating high-quality organic traffic.
  • Improving conversion rates for hotel bookings and travel destinations.
  • Address the international markets, including the US, Germany, UK, Italy, France, Russia, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

The solution

To address these objectives, Key Content launched the “User Focus” campaign, implementing a holistic approach to improve organic traffic and conversions. Our strategy consisted of several key elements:

  • Content creation: We created 6,575 unique hotel descriptions to provide users with valuable information, improving their decision-making process.
  • User opinion translation: Translating a staggering 1,153,119 words in the user opinions section helped make the platform more accessible to a global audience.
  • Original reviews: We generated 600 original holiday destination reviews, offering fresh and reliable insights into popular travel destinations.
  • International market targeting: Focusing on ten desirable markets allowed us to tap into new user bases and engage with a broader audience.

The results

The “User Focus” campaign yielded remarkable results for HolidayCheck:

  • International traffic increase: The campaign led to a 100% increase in traffic on the company’s international pages, expanding their global reach.
  • Visitor peak on hotel pages: Visits to hotel pages featuring new descriptions doubled, offering users improved and more informative content.
  • Page rank improvement: Subdomains experienced a significant increase in Page Rank, climbing from 1 to 3, resulting in enhanced visibility on search engine result pages.
  • Conversion rate enhancement: The quality traffic generated through the campaign significantly improved and stabilised conversion rates, ultimately driving more bookings and travel recommendations.


The “User Focus” campaign proved to be a highly successful endeavour for HolidayCheck. By leveraging this comprehensive approach to enhance content and expand into international markets, we effectively increased organic traffic, improved conversion rates, and bolstered the platform’s visibility in search engine results.