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Top 10 Fitness Affiliate Programs

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Let us start this article by being honest and open with each other - not everyone spent their entire time in quarantine working out and getting into the best shape of their lives. In fact, we might have gone a bit in the other direction.

No matter where you are in the fitness realm, one thing cannot be denied – how much money you can make as part of the fitness industry. One of the best ways to pull in some passive income as a blogger, website owner, or content creator is through affiliate marketing.

When you refer a reader or follower to make a purchase through your link, you get a set commission rate payout for yourself. We put together a list of the top ten fitness affiliate programs, so you can pick from the highest paying affiliate programs on the market.

1. Nike

Be honest, did you ever think that you would end up being a Nike partner? By promoting one of the most recognizable brands in the world, you can earn a generous 11% commission rate on a 30 day cookie life.

2. FitBit

As the #1 selling connected device on Amazon, FitBit is synonymous with fitness. With this Commission Junction affiliate program, you can earn a 3% commission rate over the course of 30 days.

3. ACE Fitness

Offering certification for exercise professionals and educational resources, ACE Fitness is an excellent company to partner with and offers an 8% commission rate per sale over 30 days.

4. Fitness Singles

For anyone who is looking to combine fitness with companionship, Fitness Singles is a way to meet athletic singles who are looking for a workout partner, relationship, or a group of exercise friends. You can earn a whopping 50% per sale over 90 days, one of the most generous and flexible affiliate programs out there.

5. GNC

From vitamins to protein powder and everything in between, GNC is one of the most popular destinations for exercise supplements and support. As an affiliate partner, you stand to make 5% commission rate on every purchase you refer over 7 days.

6. Mukha Yoga

If you are looking for yoga apparel, mats, or accessories, this is the place to go. Mukha Yoga is an industry leader in quality and innovation for yoga enthusiasts of all levels. After making 8% commission rate over 60 days, you might be interested in giving it a try for yourself.

7. Jumpsport Fitness

For anyone who has dreamed of getting your workout while bouncing around on a trampoline, open your eyes. It’s not just a dream anymore. Jumpsport is an online platform that combines personal workouts with trampoline bouncing – and affiliate partners can bounce into the fun with an 8% commission rate over 30 days.

8. Bowflex

If this is your first time hearing about Bowflex, you probably didn’t grow up in the 90’s. Bowflex is a fitness powerhouse that has dominated the home fitness industry for decades, and you can earn a 3% commission rate over 30 days selling their treadmills, treadclimbers, and home gym setups.

9. Lululemon

When it comes to yoga gear and high-quality material, Lululemon has cornered the market. You can barely walk down the street in any major city without seeing their iconic logo, and their affiliate program reflects that popularity. Commission rates vary with the products you sell, but you will remain a part of the Lululemon Collective once you are accepted.

10. Workout Anywhere

If we learned anything from the pandemic, it is that working out at home can sometimes become a necessity. With the Workout Anywhere program, you can do just that – workout anywhere. They also offer one of the highest commission rates at 30% per subscription or 50% per individual training plan sale.

Gonzalo Suárez
Gonzalo Suárez
Co-founder and COO @ Key Content
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