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What does it actually mean?

Ad copywriting: by humans,
for humans


Despite all the technological innovations in online marketing, one thing will always remain: ad copywriting by actual writers.

Sure, there are going to be keywords, calls to action, and marketing gimmicks, but human creativity will (or at least should) always be there too. That’s what gives each brand a voice and a message, and what makes content interesting in the first place.

Good advertising copy...


…will connect with audiences, create brand awareness, and ultimately influence consumers’ decisions on a product or service.

Whether it’s social media ads, a newsletter, a slogan, television/radio commercials or even lyrics for a jingle, the (good) ad copywriter creates content that engages with the target audience. As such, an ad copywriting service can be considered part of your content marketing.

Girl writing in pink
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If it's copywriting, it's optimized


Who’s going to read your ad copy? And where? With the shift from traditional marketing channels to digital ones, ad copywriting continues to be equally important, but the optimization of ad copy has become more critical. 

It could be a landing page, a social media post or a PPC ad – the content needs to be optimized for the audience, the medium and the search algorithms.

Ad copywriting that speaks
to the heart


In any medium, shape or form, great advertisement writing has to speak to the reader’s emotions. It could be a billboard seen while driving to work or a tweet read during a coffee break, but if it doesn’t engage, it doesn’t cut it.

That’s the essence of ad copywriting, above all the technical stuff – it needs to be interesting in the first place, and the emotional respose is a big requirement.

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How to create (great) ad copywriting

Great ad copy needs to be compelling, engaging and optimized, and have a consistent message that speaks to a particular need of the reader.

  • Research data and audience
  • Prioritize problem-solving and benefits
  • Emotion is key
  • Choose the right medium
  • Optimize and adjust
  • Focus on the message

The Ad Copywriter's Guide

1. Do your homework...or research

Each copywriting service is unique because each audience is unique. Research your target users’ data and have a clear understanding of what they expect from you.

3. More than a feeling

This applies to any ad copy. Go for the emotional trigger. This makes it much easier to get an actual response from the audience.

2. Houston, they have a problem...

…and your advertising writing will bring them the solution. It needs to be useful and to the point. Nobody will care if your ad copy is only cool – they’re in it for the benefits.

4 - Optimize for the medium

Your message needs to be clear and your content should be fit for the medium at hand. Also, the best keywords should always be used to guarantee that it will be picked up by search engines and users alike.

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Grow your audience by increasing your content production to rank on search engines and get more traffic and more social media buzz.

Grow your audience by increasing your content production to rank on search engines and get more traffic more social media.

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We are a content marketing agency with experience in high-quality advertising copywriting services. Our ad copies are focused on creating
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Our advertisement copywriting focuses on striking the right balance between the brand's message and the audience's response.
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We deliver each piece of advertising copy optimized and fit for its medium, but also with a fresh and creative outlook.
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Our ad copywriting services will always focus on how your brand solves its audience's needs.

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