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Powerful AI content marketing

AI and machine learning hold unlimited commercial promise. AI content generation is a thrilling prospect for content marketing. Since the very first word processors, we’ve looked to the day when computers would be able to read and write. Now we’ve reached the point where native language AI content creation flows freely online.

We have humanized machine content

It used to be easy to tell when we were reading machine content. But now many companies are using AI content creation to “write” content with a human touch that we read all the time without realizing it. From sports game summaries to weather forecasts – machines are writing them all.

Writing with AI content generation

The first use we can now make of AI and machine learning is to create specific types of online content that lend themselves to automation. Using datasets and semantic templates, AI content creation can generate different types of rich content snippets that can be adapted for multiple uses.

Automated machine content translation

Second, AI and machine learning have become excellent tools for quickly translating large amounts of content into other languages. Using a combination of machine content, native language proofreading and human quality control, over 90% translation accuracy is achieved. This is the globally accepted benchmark for machine content translation success.

Video AI content creation

AI and machine learning are not confined to creating text copy. AI content generation can be extended into a third area, to automate video content production. Short-form video snippets can be scripted and voiced using AI for semantic content generation, complete with natural language phrases and intelligent use of synonyms.

AI and machine learning SEO

Fourth, AI content generation excels at creating SEO copy for AI content marketing. Technical and iterative elements, like META tags, can be generated using inputted keywords. Short-form SEO copy can also be produced in large volumes, supercharging your SEO efforts and helping you to establish your online market presence.

How did AI and machine learning content get so good?

Automated content creation

Successful AI content marketing requires you to continuously produce masses of online content. AI content creation automatically generates exponentially more content, faster and more cost-effectively than human writers can.

Content organizing itself

Large volumes of AI content generation must be organized automatically – doing so manually would require vast human resources. AI and machine learning technology creates self-organizing content without human intervention.

Responsive, agile content

Digital transformation accelerated everything. Now your content needs to instantly respond to market changes and customer demands. Only AI content generation can keep pace with this automatically and accurately.

Content makes sales

Content is a 24/7 sales pitch. By the time people contact you, almost 80% of your sales process is over – they’ve read your online content. They’re ready to buy!

Global content scaling

The rapid production scalability needed for AI content marketing to open up new market territories would be all but impossible without the speed and automation power of machine content generation.

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