Quality Assurance for AI

Expert quality assurance for AI-generated content. Elevate your machine-generated copy to excellence with our specialist human QA.

Why Choose Us

We can quickly and easily turn large volumes of machine-generated content into natural sounding copy that will help you connect better with your audience. So that you can more effectively create customer relationships that improve conversion and increase revenue.

We have a pool of expert native language linguists in more than 60 languages. These teams not only polish your AI content – they also help you improve your own AI, and the natural language generation (NLG) and natural language processing (NLP) tools you use. You’ll be able to continually create ever more sophisticated machine-generated content by turning our human feedback into structured data to feed into your NLP software.

You’ll benefit from our services whether you’re creating fresh content with AI or are using it to translate copy or transcribe audio content.

What sets Key Content apart?

Our difference lies in talent. Our secret sauce is that we have assembled teams of hand-picked specialist linguists to provide the crucial quality assurance that turns good AI-generated content into excellent digital copy. 

We don’t merely polish your content and deliver. We work with your own AI technology to help you produce high-quality content at speed and scale.

We are also very experienced in running large global projects involving multi-layered quality assurance. We’ve developed our own highly efficient workflow management systems that we’ve combined with the agility and speed of the gig economy. 

How can we help

  • Proofreading and Editing
  • +60 Native Speakers 
  • Text Annotation
  • ChatBot Improvements
  • Taxonomy Mapping and Prunning
  • Extending and Finding Equivalent Classes and Terms
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The service is excellent, the quality is great and the pricing is unbeatable!
R. López | Communications Manager