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Article writing for content strategy?

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Telling a story through article writing


Good-quality, unique content is getting more and more important these days. Why? Because there’s way too much content to go around. And it’s harder than ever to grab readers’ attention.

Well, nothing is the definition of great content quite like a great article. Articles have a unique tone, consistency, in-depth topic coverage and all-round appeal that few other pieces of content can have, and they’re a great item in any content strategy set for the long haul.

A great article means authority


The great thing about a detailed article? It can make the public see your brand with different eyes. If it’s well written and contains relevant insights, it conveys authority. And, as a result, your company will be considered a trustworthy source of information.

Once you’ve been established as an expert, your audience will come back for more. This can bring traffic, referrals, backlinks and even conversions – if you create an adequate connection with your product pages.

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Articles: the best of both worlds


Article writing can often represent the bridge between attractive and authoritative when it comes to online content.

It’s not unusual to see one without the other – articles that are great fun to read, but not very authoritative, or article content that’s very well regarded (such as academic articles) but very dull to go through.

A professional writer will successfully create an article that falls into both spheres, with enough compelling content and factual information to make it a great addition to your company’s online presence.

An article is a long-term investment


Writing isn’t easy. Writing great content that strikes a chord with your readers is even more difficult. From researching a topic to polishing the article to be on point – it takes a lot to produce something that will stand out. But it’s worth it.

It’s one of the best ways to keep your audience connected – to both your brand and your content. Not to mention the big accomplishments a great article brings, be that sharing useful information with your readers or getting long-term visibility.

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How a great article is created

A great article writing service will employ all that is necessary for generating unique content: research, creativity, keyword research, optimization, engagement and relevant information on the topic.

  • Researching the topic
  • Knowing your readers
  • Working with structure
  • Using accessible tone (and language)
  • Looking out for SEO
  • Allowing feedback and participation

What makes a good article writer?

1. Being an expert (or almost)

If you’re not a specialist or expert on the topic, it’s good to learn about it. Researching the topic, keyword research and identifying the main themes associated with your subject will always pay off big time.

3. A neat and tidy outline

Organize your article nicely, with a beginning, middle and end. Structure your information in a way that will make it attractive to your readers.

5. Write for everyone

Use a great tone, a nice flow, and not-too-complicated words. Try to avoid sounding too fancy. The goal is to make your article as accessible and readable as possible.

2. Is there anybody out there?

Whenever possible, try to get data and information about your audience. Some demographics about your website would be great to start with. The topics they’re into – also great.

4 - Don't forget optimization

If your article content aims to be around for a long time, then it needs to be optimized with keywords, internal links, titles, headers – all that makes great SEO.

6. Your feedback is greatly appreciated

Allow your audience to comment and give feedback on your article. Better yet, ask them to do it. This engagement will give your article even more buzz and visibility.

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In-depth research
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Our team of article writers will conduct research into the topic at hand, ensuring accuracy and relevancy.
Audience insights
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We use available data to get to know your audience better – and customize your articles for them.
Structuring and organizing
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Our article writing service will shape the content in the clearest, most informative way to make sure it makes an impact.
Your voice, tone and experience
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We will create your article using a fun, friendly and compelling way of writing, so your content will be enjoyable to read – and be remembered.
Honed for SEO
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Our experience of many SEO projects will guide our optimization of your article creation, following the very best practices of the market.
Tuned to your view
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We will update and restructure your article according to your feedback, for whatever reasons you deem necessary.

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