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Why does content strategy matter?

I dreamed a dream of content plans


Let’s begin with an important distinction: content strategy is about the grand design, the vision of where your message wants to go. Content marketing is how you achieve this vision. It’s basically created thorough analysis, evaluation and definition of specific goals. Then the execution part comes under the content marketing umbrella: the “how”, so to speak.

How about some research and insights?


Yep, there’s no cutting corners here. In order to create a plan to achieve specific objectives through content, a seriousinvestigation process is needed. It’s research into who your audience is, what your current content assets are, and where exactly you expect this content plan to take you. This is a crucial step in your content strategy that’s going to influence every subsequent stage.

We're gonna need some goals here


What is the purpose of your content? A plan by any content strategy agency needs goals – plain and simple. Your business needs to be clearly understood, as well as what you expect to achieve from this strategy. That could be traffic, conversions, social metrics or whatever else is closely related to your objectives, but your goals need to be clearly defined if we’re going to talk about success.

We're the audience. And we demand content


Your users are going to be the consumers of your content, and as such they should be your primary concern. A good content strategy agency should focus entirely on creating a conversation with them, and what their interests are. After all, regardless of how it will be executed, your content strategy should be about solving a particular need of your target users.

A good content strategy agency...

…should create content that connects with your audience, meets your business goals, and solves some problems along the way. Here are the main steps in every great content strategy:

  • Business intelligence and goals
  • Content auditing and inventory
  • Audience research and evaluation
  • Definition of brand voice
  • Content strategy and execution
  • Measuring results and adaptation

What about a content strategist?

1. The content strategist's mission...

…is to find the best way to satisfy the goals of a business through content. Not easy. But doable through experience, research and long, coffee-fuelled nights.

3. Know thy audience

A good content strategist will work to clearly understand the target audience of any project through research. This should be one of the key priorities, as it will shape many aspects of the strategy itself.

5. Content channels: all for one and one for all

Your content strategist will be able to differentiate the main content channels associated with your project and goals. They should work together to satisfy the objectives of your content plan.

2. Getting the best out of your content

A content audit process will provide a good idea of where your brand already is, and where it needs to go from there. Your content strategist should do this.

4 - Almost a business analyst...

…but in reality a content strategist. This professional needs to clearly understand the objectives of a particular company and to identify the best content plan to bring them to life.

6. Adapting and overcoming

A great content strategist knows when to look at not-so-great results and when to implement changes to a project. A small adjustment could mean much better results in the long run.

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Understanding your company...
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Auditing your current content...
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...and creating a content inventory with all that needs to be maintained or updated.
Researching your audience...
Read More understand the specifics of the target group you're trying to reach (and the best content channels to do it with).
Having a long-term vision...
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...and being able to commit each content service and content professional to it.
Getting to know your brand...
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...and working to have a clear definition of what that brand's voice and message should be.
Developing a content strategy...
Read More its full potential. With consistent, user-focused content services that make the most of each medium.