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Copywriting is everywhere, all the time. You might not realize it – that’s the job of successful copywriting, after all – but we encounter it every day, and it’s one of the main tools for building a solid online presence. 

Unlike content writing, which aims to entertain or inform, copywriting is all about encouraging readers into action: persuading them to make a purchase, follow an account, share content or try something new. 

Good copywriting is subtle, engaging, relatable, filled with good SEO, and often combined with informative content. It requires a lot of hard-earned skills to get it just right – and those skills are an integral part of our copywriting services.

What are copywriting services?


Copywriting services take your products, services or content and make them shine. They’ll attract new traffic and engage users, converting one-time visitors into lifelong customers. 

How? By employing all the tricks of the writing trade to make your online presence as visible and attractive as possible. 

From clever marketing campaigns (those catchy slogans? Yep, that’s copy) to storytelling features, product description writing and simple calls-to-action, good copywriting can give your organization the boost it needs. 

Professional copywriters also have a strong grasp of SEO (essential for generating traffic) and may even come with specific expertise that enables them to make complex technical concepts easy to read.

Why are copywriting services important?


Copywriting is such a vast industry that it’s almost impossible to have skills in all the various areas your organization requires. 

Classic advertising copy might be one thing, but then there’s social media content, PR materials, packaging copy and technical instruction manuals, storyboards, product descriptions, perhaps blogs and web content… And even if you do have the skills, it all takes time to create and polish. 

Hiring a professional copywriting service quite simply takes the headache out of producing great copy that will earn you the engagement you deserve. 

Whether they bring technical understanding, SEO skills or simply that creative flair, professional copywriters can help reboot your entire marketing strategy.

Benefits of copywriting services

There are numerous benefits to hiring a copywriting service, not least saving time and maximizing productivity. But let’s look at some of the other skills a professional copywriter delivers:

  • Understanding pain points – copy often responds to a need, providing the reader with an easy-to-follow solution. Good copywriters understand how to tap into these issues in a subtle, problem-solving away (because no one likes sales-y copy, do they?).
  • Going with the flow – just like content, copy needs to be structured in order to work effectively. Many copywriters have a strong marketing background, meaning they understand how to organize a campaign from brainstorming to realization.
  • Engaging those emotions – copy is all about selling, but in an engaging manner. Get those readers emotionally on board with your product or service, and you’ll retain them as customers for life.
  • Deciphering jargon – need to provide in-depth technical copy for a product manual or tech service description? Skilled copywriters with industry expertise can provide this in a clear, easy-to-follow manner that will impress experts as well as beginners.
  • Quick turnaround times – often we need copy to respond to a new, unplanned development: maybe customer feedback or a change within the industry. Professional copywriters can research, write, and edit outstanding copy in a short amount of time.