Creative Copywriting Services

How can it help your business thrive

The true story of creative copywriting

Let’s be clear: copywriting is all about selling. Using words to create visibility and engagement adds value to a brand, product or service that is hard to match in other ways.

The creative copywriter brings powerful and catchy ideas to the marketing concept. In doing this, the message becomes clearer, the voice more compelling, the communication more commercial.

It’s no wonder that creative copywriting has been one of the most traditional activities related to marketing and advertising, and why many celebrated writers have also worked as copywriters. It’s the art that sells.

What are creative copywriting skills?

A great creative copywriting service is about uniqueness. What is it about a brand that makes it unique? Why should the audience notice it? And how can this be communicated to everyone in a friendly, attractive way?

That’s why a creative content writer needs keen insights to see things that other people don’t, and even more accurate communication skills to express it in the best way possible. It’s about strategy and emotion at the same time.

About having analytical skills and working effectively with data and briefings, and about being able to strike a chord with the target audience by using powerful words.

Can I learn to be a creative copywriter?

Don Draper would be proud of you! The answer is yes, but it’s not an easy process. A way with words, as with everything else, comes with hard practice and a lot – and we do mean a lot – of experience.

You also need a high degree of familiarity with the language you’re using, and many different references – cultural ones would be great – to be able to create interesting copy.

And, of course, you need a marketing background to be able to craft powerful stories that sell. After all, copywriting is a marketing activity – although it is a bit of an art, too.

Creative copywriting: it's art,
but it's business

Whether you’re writing creative content for an e-commerce website, a public service announcement or an online marketing startup, what needs to come through is the unique story of that company/service/product.

Their voice needs to be shared with passion; their message has to come to life with emotion. Only a good creative copywriter can do that convincingly. But heads up: your creative copywriting needs to be on point.

You can’t afford to wander off with your exquisite gift for fancy words – your job is to convey a message clearly and to solve a problem for your target users. And to sprinkle a bit of art on top of all that.

The creative copywriting guidelines

An effective creative copywriting service aims to produce compelling content that creates awareness and visibility, while also engaging with its target audience. Its ultimate goal is to influence and develop trust among its potential customers.

  • Check your briefing
  • Use your insights
  • Work with your client
  • Do a brainstorm
  • Optimize for the medium
  • Follow up with results

What it takes to be a creative copywriter

1. The brief is your friend

All the information you need should be found in the briefing provided by your agency (or client). Follow it as closely as possible.

3. Client feedback is super important

It pays to work closely with your client during the creative process. Understand their needs and objectives, ask for their opinion, show them drafts. It will help build trust.

5. Tailor your copywriting

Creativity and engagement are great everywhere, but your creative content writing needs to be adapted to its designated medium. Always keep the channel in mind when working on the message.

2. Data, data, data

Who (really) is your audience? Work with all available data and insights on your target users. This will guide your whole creative process towards better results.

4 - Build your ideas

Ideas are bulletproof, a great man once said. But they need to be worked on. Organize them, brainstorm them – whatever you need to do to only pick the very best of them.

6. Measurement and tracking

Don’t forget to set up a performance measurement system to make sure your work is paying off big time. And if it isn’t, work with the necessary adjustments and improvements.

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Detail-oriented briefings
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We work with in-depth insights aligned with your business goals to create very specific briefings about your brand and campaign.
Customer-focused copywriting
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We work with research and analysis of all the relevant data about your audience to guide our creative content writing process.
Active communication
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We set up efficient communication channels to make sure your feedback about our writing is heard and appreciated.
Our ideas take time
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Our copywriting team spends a great deal of time developing their creative process, so that only the best ideas move forward.
Customized creative content
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We optimize our creative copywriting to fit its designated medium in the best possible way, shape and form.
Keeping up with performance
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We will establish a clear results-tracking system to make sure everything is on the right track.