Keyword Research Services

Key Content will help you find the best SEO Keywords for your products or services with comprehensive keyword research.

  • Our SEO experts have more than 12 years of experience working for the top websites in many industries
  • We use the latest and best tools to identify the optimal keywords for your goals
  • Competitor research: know what keywords your competitors use and the gap to outrank them

Keyword Research done for you

What do we do?

Keyword research is critical to any SEO strategy, this helps your business discover what people are asking on Google, Bing, Amazon, Youtube and other search engines and the intention behind those questions. 

Knowing what are the right keywords for your business goals will provide the means to optimize for those keywords and rank. 

Performing keyword research can be tedious, expensive and overwhelming. It’s a crucial step to start your SEO strategy. 


What are keyword research services?

Your potential customers are already searching for your product or services on Google and other search engines. The Keyword research is the process of understanding the needs of your customers and the intention behind every search to provide a list of keywords and key phrases to optimize your content or create new and relevant articles to target those keywords. 

The research will provide the search volume, keyword difficulty and more information to support your SEO efforts to help your business get traffic and sales. 

Our Keyword Research include

  • In-depth keyword research
  • Search volume for your geolocation 
  • Intent keyword analysis
  • Keyword difficulty evaluation
  • Goal focused keyword research
  • Keyword variations and clustering

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