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We work with some of the biggest companies in the world, including the likes of eBay, KAYAK, SIXT, and momondo, as well as other top brands like Reebok, Zalando, and adidas.

SEO Lead Generation

SEO lead generation, your business’s secret online marketing weapon

Possibly the most important function that a website performs above all, is lead generation. This wouldn’t be true of a bustling e-commerce store that sells directly to consumers with click-and-buy technology (think Amazon). However, most company websites function more like online brochures to generate leads and hopefully convert these leads into paying customers.

There are many sophisticated ways of doing this, including CMS software, website analytics software, data mining, machine learning, and nascent AI.

In the midst of all of these, there is another simple yet highly effective method of targeted online marketing. One that is often the most cost-effective of all and requires no expensive systems or solutions – SEO lead generation.

What is SEO lead generation?

SEO lead generation is simply the practice of using SEO techniques to attract more and more targeted potential customers to your website. It doesn’t generate leads directly. It increases your pool of pre-qualified prospects, allowing your website to generate more sales leads.

It’s up to your website to convert this increased traffic to paying customers, but you merely need to apply your established conversion rate to project how this can significantly increase the revenue that your website generates.

How does SEO lead generation actually work?

SEO lead generation uses all the established techniques of successful search engine optimization to filter your website visitors so that a higher proportion of them are likely to turn into qualified leads.

This is possible through careful keyword research and analysis, used to find the search terms that people who already want to buy what you offer can find your website. One might even call it matchmaking, rather than lead generation because by the time visitors arrive at your website, most of them are specifically looking to buy your products. This is how SEO lead generation works: it refines and filters your website visitors to increase the proportion of those ready to buy right there and then.

This is accomplished by optimizing every nook and cranny of your website, including all your copy, so that it all aligns with your targeted keyword strategy. This effectively closes the purchasing loop about as much as is possible online. Having searched for your specific products, visitors have had Google recommend your shop, have arrived to find that you offer exactly what they were looking for, and have an easy way of buying what they want right in front of them. You couldn’t wish for a better way to lead your horses to water.

SEO lead generation goes much further than that too. Ongoing SEO tweaking and publishing a continuous supply of interesting, useful, fresh content about your industry, optimized with the right keywords, and published online, further helps Google to consider you a main player in your market. This drives your website ever higher up the rankings, increasing your potential customers’ belief that they have come to the right place to shop.

Why should I use Key Content for SEO lead generation?

As you’ll have gathered, successful SEO lead generation touches many aspects of your website. These all need to be aligned and guided by a central SEO strategy that has been created to support and further your broader online business objectives. The aim is to create a seamless system within which potential clients can accomplish everything from finding your store online, to building a relationship with your company that engenders the trust that gets them to buy from you.

Our team of SEO experts has been implementing SEO lead generation for some of the world’s leading brands over the last 12 years, from the likes of eBay and Reebok to KAYAK, SIXT, and momondo. When you engage us, you’ll be benefiting from all this experience and deep specialist SEO skills.