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Your customers are in social media

Social media service platforms have increased their presence in our lives in ways that we couldn’t have imagined. While they might have different scopes and activities, one thing is certain: their number of users is huge. These users browse for content, react to posts and talk to each other. Don’t just take our word for it – check the figures of any of the major services available. 

But what does this mean for businesses? Very simple: these people could be interacting with your brand, bringing traffic to your website and being converted into your customer base. 

Social media can be an incredible chance to engage with them, provide them with content related to your company, and find out what they are looking for. In today’s world, a big part of a customer’s experience with any organization happens over the internet, and social media is one of the best ways to be a part of this interaction. 

And, most importantly, a valuable social media presence will affect your performance in other channels as well, creating brand awareness, conversions and much more. In short: if a business wishes to appear to a larger audience and communicate with them in a positive and dynamic way, it needs a consistent social media content plan.

Why Key Content Social Media?


Content your users will want to share, like, comment on...

As a social media marketing agency, our goal is to enable relationships between a business and its followers, regardless of the website or app. Whether it’s a Facebook post, a tweet or a LinkedIn poll, it has to generate a response and create traction. 

We want to provide a social media service that will spark interest in the most important platforms for your particular strategy. With this, your company and brand will stand out and communicate with your audience in the right way.


Build a following with a powerful social media strategy

Engagement with users is key in any good social media service, and has to be the main concern of a social media plan customized to your business goals. Seasonal social media campaigns, themed social media content and brand management are all part of making this connection with your audience possible. 

Within our social media service plan, we will include all the necessary resources to make your voice trusted, liked and even spread by your audience.


Social media audits: it's about where you're going

Once your social media goals have been defined, it’s time to know where you are: how is your social media content creation? Which platforms are working best? How much interaction and traffic are you getting from your posts? Our social media audit will handle these questions and define the next steps. 

What’s more, we will look at how your customer follow-up and monitoring is doing across your channels. Satisfied users will engage more with your brand – and might even defend it on occasion!

How can our social media services help your brand?

SEO and social media: creating value together

You’re probably thinking that SEO and social media content are totally different things, right? Well, they’re not. At Key Content, we have a lot of experience in SEO, and we use it to create powerful social media posts through analysis, optimization and customization. The objective is to provide social media copywriting that works well with your overall inbound traffic strategy and gets found more easily. 

And, of course, it also has to be consistent with your business, your guidelines and your audience. The balance between optimization and engagement is what we strive for in every project.

Brand voice and awareness: build it, they'll come back

Developing a voice and a personality in social media content can do incredible things for a company’s brand awareness. How? By interacting with your users in the right way over social platforms, you can communicate your value proposition in an effective way. As a result, users will be interested in your other marketing channels as well, eventually heading over to your website to get more information about products and services. 

We want to deliver a global social media content service that can be attractive without being selly, that adds value but is also human, that is responsible but also fun!

Engagement is great, but what about sales and conversions?

So, you’ve been able to catch your users’ attention with great social media content. They’ve engaged with your company’s message. They’ve reacted and even commented on your social media posts. At this point, it’s safe to say that they have an interest in what you do. Next thing you know, they might be sending you a direct message to ask about a product or service. 

Consider that this user already wants to be your customer, but is trying to get more information about your company, products or reputation. Within our scope of social media services, we will work to create an active presence for your brand in strategic social media channels. We’ll also plan specific content directed at increasing sales and conversions. But never being too selly. That doesn’t work!

Your customers can be pretty loyal. And social media can help

That’s right – but it takes the correct social media strategy, creating a balance between your company’s objectives and conversations with your target consumers. The social channels that will bring benefits to what you offer need to be clearly defined, and the online activity of your audience needs to be carefully analyzed. 

That might be in a customer support situation happening on one of your platforms, or by simply answering a particular query about a product. Within our social media marketing activity, we want to enable positive experiences, leading to more users becoming loyal to your brand and making your message travel to their own contacts.

Your content in very good hands

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