Squarespace SEO Services to Boost your Traffic

We work with some of the biggest companies in the world, including the likes of eBay, KAYAK, SIXT, and momondo, as well as other top brands like Reebok, Zalando, and adidas.

Squarespace SEO Experts

Use SEO Squarespace experts to light a rocket under standard Squarespace features

Squarespace, like most modern website and mobile CMS platforms, has several built-in features to improve your SEO. These are pretty comprehensive from one perspective.

They include a number of basic SEO requirements to ensure that your site is fully crawled by the search engine robots and is properly indexed. It also helps you to avoid the tricky technical details that can create long-term niggles with Google and erode your other SEO efforts.

The built-in SEO Squarespace tools include:

Cleaning up the underlying HTML source codeThis helps to avoid “bloated code” penalties that Google can sometimes impose.

Creating “clean” URLs and page file names that Google can readThis stops the problem of the CMS creating numerical file names and file paths that are meaningless for SEO purposes.

Automatic redirectsThis ensures that any supporting websites you’ve built all direct users to the main website where you want your traffic to go.

Mobile optimizationSEO Squarespace tools include automatically creating a mobile responsive website for you.

META tagsThe SEO Squarespace provides creates SEO Titles, META Descriptions.

What else can an SEO Squarespace expert do for my business?

One of the most important elements of truly competitive SEO that Squarespace SEO services will provide is a regular supply of well-written, fresh, and original content to publish on your website. This is known as content marketing. It’s designed to establish your website and your brand as an authority in your industry by continually publishing thought leadership articles, thus leading to consumer trust and more customers.

It simultaneously has the same effect on Google: the more authority your website can establish online, the higher Google will rank it. It’s now one of the cornerstones of successful commercial SEO, and certainly required to boost SEO Squarespace platforms and profiles.

So, why should I use SEO Squarespace experts if I’m getting all this already?

The problem is that while these are indeed crucial elements of successful SEO, they only cover the basics of successful search engine indexing – they don’t do much to help you successfully compete against everyone else who also has these basics in place.

An expert Squarespace SEO agency is necessary to plan, implement and monitor your entire SEO strategy, along with all the elements involved. This primarily centers around exhaustively researching and analyzing the right keywords to use for your website optimization.

Keyword research isn’t merely a case of finding matching keywords with the highest traffic volumes. The challenge is to identify the ideal combination between the most popular keywords, the ones that have the least competition from other websites, and uncovering additional keywords that aren’t being used as much, but that bring targeted traffic.

The underlying rationale is simple: it’s better to get less traffic at a higher conversion rate than to get masses of traffic, few of whom turn into paying customers. This is why keyword research and analysis have to be a bespoke exercise for each different organization, regardless of how immediately obvious the “best” keywords may seem. The most effective keywords for your site may turn out to be entirely different on closer analysis.

Why should I use Key Content as my SEO Squarespace company?

We are a one-stop shop for SEO Squarespace e-commerce platforms and apps. We use in-house Squarespace experts, who constantly monitor Google algorithms for changes that affect Squarespace, to ensure that our methods are always up to the minute.

We bring 12 years of hard-core SEO experience to bear, gained by working with some of the leading online brands in extremely competitive industries, like eBay, SIXT, momondo, and KAYAK. We know what it takes to not only help any organization improve their rankings and revenue, but also to specifically assist those who use Squarespace.