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File Types

Files we accept: MOV, AVI, MP4, VOB, Ogg, 3GP/3GP2, Flash Video, PCM, WAV and many more.

Files we create: SubRip (.srt), Scenarist (.scc), MacCaption (.mcc), Timed Text (.ttml), Quicktime Timed Text (.qt.txt), Transcript (.txt), WebVTT (.vtt), DFXP (.dfxp), Cheetah .CAP (.cap), Spruce Subtitle File (.stl), Avid DS Subtitle File (.txt), Avid DVD Subtitle File (.txt), Facebook-ready SubRip (.srt)

Subtitle Translator Services

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Video Translation:
Reaching Global Audiences


Subtitles – adding simultaneous translated text to video content – are a key feature in increasing the audience of any production.

Whether it’s a film, website, video game or webinar, adding subtitles will allow a greater share of the viewing public to enjoy and engage with it. That’s why subtitles are so important: they affect the very perception of what’s being presented.

A big proportion of all online traffic already belongs to video content, and this is only expected to increase in the future. The result? Subtitling services are likely to become even more important.

The subtitling process in detail


Subtitling is very complex and involves many steps: translation of the actual content, rearranging the text into segments, organizing each unit to be displayed on the screen, and adding a time code to each one. Last but not least, there’s the rather technical process of adding the subtitles to the video itself.

In addition to all that, there are a few other things to consider: the native and target languages, the length of each video, the amount of content that needs subtitling, the style, and, of course, the deadline of each project. And, just like any content translation, subtitling requires a lot of context. Simple word-by-word translation won’t do. It’s crucial to localize the content for the target viewers.

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Automatic or human subtitling?


The ideal is to use every resource that can save time and cut costs. Efficient subtitle-generating programs are available, and they can be used together with transcription and voice recognition applications.

But even when using the latest programs to maximize efficiency, it’s always a good idea to retain the human element. Especially considering challenges like local expressions, jargon, or complicated words that might not be captured by a machine.

For this reason, it’s always better to have native-speaking professionals involved in the subtitling process – at least as part of the review and editing stage. I really need subtitling?

When we think of subtitles, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the film industry. But in reality, subtitling can be useful for virtually any industry or organization that aims to expand its users.

Think of marketing and advertising content, public announcement videos, educational content from platforms with international viewers – the possibilities go on and on.

Also, every social media platform has a strong video presence today. Considering the popularity of these websites – and of other video platforms – the impact generated by video subtitling might be even more important than translated text content.

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What every subtitling service needs

Subtitling is an intricate process that involves translation, localization, proofreading and revision – not to mention very sharp organization and editing skills. Every project offers a unique chance to make video content reach international audiences.

  • Use of technology
  • Language proficiency
  • Translation and localization skills
  • Researching video content
  • Attention to detail
  • Timing is critical

Professional video subtitling: a quick guide

1. Tech resources are your friends

Subtitle generators, voice-capturing software, transcription AI and translation software are always helpful in the subtitling process because they help to save time. Consider using every tech asset at your disposal.

3. Translation background is a plus

Having extensive work experience in translation and localization is definitely a big advantage, as this is a very big step in the entire process.

5. A subtitler's eagle eye

Time stamps, rearranging text segments, specific phrases, accurate words…subtitling involves many specific details – and paying a lot of attention to them, always.

2. Some serious language familiarity is required

Ideally, professional subtitlers will be native speakers of the target language, but will also have outstanding knowledge of the original language. This will guarantee that the entire subtitling process is more accurate.

4 - Watch lots of subtitled videos

Looking at various types of video content is important. Films, shows, YouTube videos, conferences… It helps to get a better sense of timing and reference..

6. Time has to be on your side

Subtitling projects usually involve urgent deadlines and fast turnarounds. In that sense, adaptability is needed in every situation, always making the best use of time.

Video subtitling service by Key Content

We work with highly skilled professionals and the latest technology available to deliver subtitling
services that are accurate, precise and engaging to the target audience.

Many languages supported
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We offer subtitling in many different languages, always working with professionals with the highest level of proficiency.
Automation as an asset
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We work with technological features such as subtitle generators and transcription software. This helps to speed up our processes, making them more reliable.
A background in video culture
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We offer video content creation services, and thus have a high familiarity with the medium. This helps us to better understand subtitling.
Adaptability and urgency
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We will work closely with you so that every project follows your deadlines and time requirements.
Looking at optimization
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Search engines also analyze subtitle content and video transcripts to offer better results. We will consider SEO and high-value keywords when creating subtitles.
Specialized professionals
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Our subtitling professionals have significant experience in translation, localization and transcription projects.