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Creating SEO titles for your content

Why are SEO titles important?


Because titles basically tell search engines what the main topic of your page is, and as such are considered one of the most important SEO elements. They also act as a calling card, introducing your page or website to new users. 

Besides this, your title determines how your page will look on search engine results pages, social media posts and other platforms. Title creation is also a great chance to further optimize your page for strategic keywords.

SEO title vs. SEO headings: I'm confused


The title tag (<title>) is a basic requirement in HTML pages. It will provide the main title of each web page, which will appear in web browsers, search engines, posts, etc. The HTML heading tags (h1 to h6) are used to structure the content of a page within a hierarchy – h1 being the most important and h6 the least. 

HTML headings are also great because they tell search engines about the page’s subject, help readers understand the content, and provide “SEO real estate” for keywords.

Got it! So how do I write good SEO titles?


Consider each title as your page’s introduction to the world. It could be a catchy headline, a call to action, a description – but it always needs to strike the right balance between what is good for your audience and good for search algorithms. 

It needs to be short (no more than 50 characters) and optimized for keywords. If your page title is too long, search engines won’t be able to display it properly and, let’s face it, it won’t be catchy either.

SEO titles and headers:
clear, catchy and consistent


The SEO title and headers can work wonders for your page’s content when done right. Not only can they be used to catch the attention of your audience, but also to organize your content and your optimization.

By choosing the right keywords – primary and secondary – and creating a clear content structure and hierarchy, your page’s subject will be clear to search engines and compelling to its readers.

SEO title creation and optimization

Great SEO titles and headers need to be useful, relevant and optimized. The ideal title creation will find the right balance between interesting content and valued keywords to increase the page’s visibility.

  • Research your keywords
  • Organize page structure
  • Create unique title tags
  • Write relevant headers
  • Consider search intent
  • Show authority and passion

The SEO title creation guide

1. Keyword research and beyond

As with all things SEO, it starts with keyword research. Each page title needs to own a particular keyword, and it has to be well researched – for search volume and value.

3. Every title is unique

It’s crucial to have unique, descriptive SEO titles for each page of your website. Use your keyword research in this step, always focusing on useful, optimized titles.

5. What are your users searching for?

Try to answer your users’ questions with your title creation and headers. Look for the best keywords, but also for search intent. This will make your page more relevant.

2. Set up the hierarchy

A clear structure is needed to make your page more accessible. The page title comes first, with the primary keyword, and HTML headers come second with the other keywords.

4 - Don't overdo it

Page titles and headers should include relevant keywords, but should never be keyword-stuffed. Search engines might disregard your titles if this happens, so keep them lean and sharp.

6. Your SEO titles, your passion

As with all your content, your titles and tags should demonstrate your authority on the subject. Create your titles with this in mind – they need to be catchy, interesting and passionate.

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SEO Title Creation with Key Content

Our significant experience in SEO and content services allows us to deliver high-quality, optimized content –
including unique SEO titles and heading tags.
In-depth keyword research
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We conduct thorough research to define the most strategic keywords for every title and heading tag in your website pages.
Clearly defined page structure
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Our SEO title creation will establish a clear hierarchy between page titles, header tags and keywords.
Uniqueness and usefulness
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In our SEO content and title creation, each page has a primary keyword to distinguish it from others and avoid duplicate title tags.
Lean and optimized titles
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We always avoid keyword stuffing. Our focus is to be relevant to your audience.
SEO titles with search intent
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As with our content services, our goal is to use your titles to solve a problem for your audience and answer their search queries.
Great content needs SEO titles
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Great titles and great content complement each other. Our SEO titles are designed to highlight each topic with authority and engagement.