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Why is video so important?

Let’s start with a simple question: why should a company invest in video content for a marketing campaign? 

If your business doesn’t already have video as one of its main platforms, we’ve got some very important news to share. First, video owns an incredible amount of the internet’s traffic. Take YouTube, for instance: the platform receives more than two billion unique visitors every month according to its own statistics, and has become a search engine in its own right, where audiences look for all kinds of content – literally everything. 

And, very much like the biggest social media channels, video users like, share and comment, promoting strong audience retention and engagement. 

The other very important (and kind of obvious) news is this: a piece of video content can connect with its target audience in ways that no other media can. 

Videos are more attractive to our eyes and ears, are easier to absorb, and make us react on an emotional level. 

And how about the fact that the top social media platforms are increasingly using more video content in posts, stories and other formats (maybe because it generates many more reactions than a normal post)? 

The real question here is: why shouldn’t a business be using video services as a way to promote itself?

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Why Key Content Video


From tiny to huge screens, it has to create reaction

It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about an interview or a product review from a satisfied customer: video content has the unique capacity to give any brand a personality. 

At Key Content, we understand that videos are able to generate more reactions (in the form of likes, comments and shares) than other mediums. 

This is the starting point for all our video marketing campaigns, and why we work to test, tweak and rework every idea that fits your potential consumers.


Where do we go from here? Let's talk about measuring success

It’s not enough to work hard at creating and testing ideas and concepts. It’s even more important to have a clear picture of how your video content is performing and what direction it needs to take. 

We will carefully analyze the data and technology at our disposal – from online-to-offline conversions – to have a very clear idea of how audiences react to your brand and its related topics. With all of this considered, the best options for your optimized video strategy will be defined – from various formats to different video platforms.


Video content strategy: make the best of your users' attention

If we want to establish a connection with users and engage in a conversation with them, we need a good plan. 

Why? Because it’s getting harder and harder to grab your viewers’ attention in any medium, including video platforms. Audiences aren’t all alike, and neither should your video content be. 

That’s where our video content strategy comes in. Looking at every detail, we work with experienced video content consultants to create a tailored strategy that will work for your business.

How can video content improve your business?

Let's create a conversation with your audience

It might be a simple video introducing your brand, or a more comprehensive display of your catalog. It could be a promotional video related to a particular event of the season. Or maybe it’s a “how-to”, explaining to users how to getthe best out of a product or service. 

The possibilities are endless, but they all have to generate buzz and talk to your specific audience. With a range of methods for analyzing performance, we will track how each of these iterations isworking with your audience and adapt your video marketing based on these important insights.

Videos: easy to share, hard to forget

A well-made video has a powerful edge on other types of content. It can engage with our senses in ways that are impossible for other platforms. Video content is also easy, in that viewers can consume it in a passive way. 

And what about the fact that these days videos can be adapted to and viewed on many different devices, from a huge movie screen to the simple smartphones that are now in everyone’s pockets? Videos can relate to users in complex and meaningful ways, while at the same time being shared across the wide range of different services available.

Video content and organic traffic: made for each other

If your video is embedded on a web page, it’s very likely that – under the right circumstances – it will have more visibility in search results than an ordinary page with no video at all. And with the right optimization, even your video content on its own can achieve high rankings in search engines. 

You get the idea by now: our video content services benefit from our unique SEO and organic traffic perspective. We’re going to work with keywords, optimized descriptions and associated trends. And by doing this we will soon be driving organic traffic to your videos and website.

I'm not crying, you're crying: how videos can make an emotional connection

OK, we think you get the picture. Video content is capable of creating strong responses from audiences, in many cases on an emotional level. Remember that Christmas ad that almost made you cry and that you’ve since shared with your family and friends? That’s what we mean. 

At Key Content, we want to create video marketing that will be shared, liked, talked about and remembered – maybe for a long time to come. Why? Because with this your brand is more likely to be recommended, your message shared, and your overall business goals met.

Your content in the best hands

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