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Verblio Review

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We ordered two articles from Verblio with different price points to evaluate the quality, grammar errors, turnaround, SEO efforts and more.

Disclaimer: At Key Content we offer high-quality custom writing content with vetted, hand-selected, professional native speakers. Content in more than 60 languages with project and account managers to help business succeed. We also offer translation and transcription services.

The Verblio service at a glance

Thanks to the subscription model and the fact that they don’t offer a free trial (good news for writers – Verblio believes all written work should be paid for) it wasn’t possible for us to test the service in as much depth this time. However, the sample articles on the blog, impressive numbers, and client testimonials suggest that their standards are exacting and quality levels high.

So, breaking down the content service offered by Verblio, we came up with the following list of pros and cons.


  • high-quality content
  • scalable pricing model
  • regular deliveries
  • fully customizable
  • real people behind the platform


  • high price range
  • can’t order one-off content
  • English-language only
  • SEO optimization costs extra
  • edits may be time-consuming

Verblio: scam or star?

After reviewing the service offered by Verblio, it seems to be a serious content agency that’s more than capable of delivering on its promises. This isn’t, however, the right agency to choose if you’re looking for a one-off article or quick content fix: Verblio is better suited to businesses and agencies with regular content schedules and the budget to pay for it. You won’t find many frills here – no multiple languages or assistance with promotion – but for those looking for a solid, content-focused, quality service, Verblio might just be the right address.

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What is Verblio?

Verblio is an online content service made up of ‘content marketing enthusiasts’ and ‘diverse industry experts’. It claims to provide ‘dramatically better content’ to respond to changing algorithms, which ‘keeps quality on point and costs under control’. That sounds like the dream when it comes to ordering content, but how does the Verblio brand really measure up? We did a little digging to find out.

Verblio is based in Denver, Colorado, and is ‘committed to being the friendliest, easiest-to-use content creation platform in the business’. The website certainly seems to be a good calling card, with plenty of information about the team behind the agency (82 per cent participate in the monthly staff book club, just so you know) and even spotlights on individual writers. Almost 3,000 writers are active in total, 206 of whom have been with the agency for three years or more, and only the top 4 per cent of those who apply will actually be accepted. That sounds like pretty serious sifting, so we’d be expecting some very good content here. Further stats suggest that 1,500 clients are served each month in the US and fifteen other countries, in industries from education to garden & floral, accounting & finance to senior services. Verblio prides itself on having expert writers in the fold, for whom no niche subject is too tricky to tackle.

What’s included in the Verblio service?

Unlike most other content agencies out there, the Verblio service works on a subscription model. Content is available in six different types of English – American, Australian, British, Canadian, New Zealand and South African – as part of a self-service or managed plan. Verblio also works specifically with agencies, helping them to manage their projects and pools of freelance writers. More on that later: let’s have a look at the self-service model first.

How the Verblio service works

If you aren’t an agency or major enterprise, you’re going to be managing your Verblio subscription yourself. First, you’ll need to sign up to the platform and provide as much information as possible about your website, brand, and content needs. This includes everything from content goals to tone of voice, personality, balance of evergreen v. newsy content, and brand message. You can even provide examples of content you particularly admire.

Once you’ve selected a subscription plan (these are flexible and billed monthly – more on pricing in a minute), you can request specific pieces of content by filling out an order form. Like many other agencies on the web, this gives you the option of specifying keywords, titles, structure, and any other needs your piece might have. Optional extras such as embedded photos, videos, and SEO optimization can be added with the more expensive Verblio pricing plans.

With this done, the Verblio team will get to work to match your order with the perfect writers. Verblio writers are based in the US and have experience in a wide range of backgrounds, meaning however niche your subject is, they’re confident of finding someone who knows how to write about it – though note there are a few fields they don’t cover, like social media. Most content is delivered within 72 hours, after which the reviewing process begins: you can accept, request edits, or even decline the text if it wasn’t what you were looking for. Only accepted articles are paid for, meaning anything you reject will automatically be replaced for free.

Of course, Verblio offers you the chance to provide feedback and ‘prefer’ certain writers, building a customized pool of authors who understand your content needs. In keeping with the platform’s attitude of transparency, reviews and star ratings left by clients are visible to all writers, allowing them to learn what you like and dislike, and respond more effectively to your orders. In theory, then, the need for you to request edits or decline articles should decrease over time.


Again making them stand out from other content agencies, Verblio doesn’t work with varying quality levels. Instead, they guarantee that all their writers are top quality – though there is something known as an ‘Elite Writer’, which is the top 10 per cent of those on the platform, who have been personally vetted and recommended by other clients.

The pricing plan is based on word length: choose how long you want each piece of content to be, and how many such pieces you’d like each month. 300-word articles (like micro blog posts or website content) begin at $35.95 per piece, while 2,000-word eBook chapters or white papers will set you back $395.95 a piece. It’s also possible to select a custom length up to 3,000 words, and to add extras like photos, proofreading, and SEO optimization.

Although the monthly subscription model is flexible, meaning you can change or cancel at any time, it’s worth bearing in mind that there’s a minimum order of $104.85. You can choose monthly or annual billing (the latter will get you a bit of a discount) and if you’ve an extra-large budget can opt for the Verblio Complete service, which includes all the optional extras plus a dedicated account manager.

Which brings us neatly on to…

Other features of the Verblio service

Verblio offers separate managed services for agencies and large enterprises, but for regular clients looking for a helping hand there is the option of purchasing Verblio Complete. This ongoing service is tacked on to your monthly plan and includes a certified account manager to help customize your content journey: you can get personalized guidance through using the platform and benefit from help building highly specialized teams of writers. Verblio Complete begins at $69.95 per piece and is scalable depending on your subscription.

In addition to this, a few ‘anytime services’ can be purchased as one-off goodies whenever you need them. This includes brainstorming ($99 for ten blog post ideas), engagement videos, and a personalized content strategy priced at $997. Verblio is clear, however, about not offering assistance with content placement or promotion.

Finally, writers and clients alike can make use of the regularly updated blog and podcast, with content-related and thought-leadership articles, resources for digital agencies, and a range of sample posts. These give you a good idea of the style and quality provided by certain writers, all of whom have industry-specific backgrounds and are named as the author of their piece.

Gonzalo Suárez
Gonzalo Suárez
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